Yokohama Geolander P265/70 R17: good compromise between overlanding and daily drive?


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if you're referring to the grabbers as compared to the GEOs, We've had the first and second generation Grabbers.. and General tire claimed the first generation would last 30K miles.. which they did, but they were extremely flexible maybe even too flexible.. then we get the second generation grabbers.. this time General told us these new grabbers should last us almost 60K.. we ended up getting 28K.. clearly General tire has not tested these accordingly.. Since then.. there has been a 3rd and 4th generation grabber introduced.. We've yet to try these nor will we. When I speak of "generation" this means the product runs date or year..


I'm not sure there have been multiple generations of the Grabber AT2 (at least in the US?). My Grabber AT2's were tough tires that were great off road and in the snow. They had plenty of tread when I sold the Jeep at 50k miles. They look sharp too. The Hankook ATM and Cooper AT3's are more civilized on the road however.


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I ran those tires (Yokohama's)on my Dodge 2500 diesel for about 5 years. Many miles in baja and DD. They held up pretty good. The only weak point in them was the thin sidewall. To give a better ride on the street. Punctured a few in the really nasty stuff. I have to say for the price I paid for them it is the best tire I ever had. Of course I got them all for free. That's the fun of being apart of a race team.

The AT's are great for a lighter truck. The MT's are a whole different animal. Many win's in them and were great on the pre runners.
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