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Wow, great report with some amazing photos!

Thank you!!1 I have learned so much and found so many places to visit from these forums and hope i can do at least a little of the same. I dont know if i do it justice. Glad someone is reading it,

You get some pretty interesting medical gigs. How do you find these opportunities?

Thats a great question, and I am happy to share my trade secrets. I would like to end up doing consulting( my day job is a risk manager), and a mix of contract remote medical jobs, and volinteer disaster relief work- that the end goal I am working toward. The sacret, is to ask: and it takes a lot of companies to string contracts togather, and some like the dog sled race was all volinteer, me providing everything. Working on a " advanced first aid only" capacity, depending on the events: Anything through Event medic services, and Amphibias Medics will be that. ( for legal reasons, as you arent working under a medical director, and the licenses ( EMT, AEMT, Paramedic, dont cross state lines as far as a practical and practicing at that level)

Others are long term contacts, working under a medical director usually in conjunction with telemedicine.

PAE- handles the contrasts for McMurdo Station, one i have been trying to get a contract for.

And networking at those events with the various companies. Social Media, one of my endorsements MPIC, those i meet in that renewal class do a lot of the same things, so again networking is huge. The dog sled event, I just found out we had one a few hours from me ( Saw a add on FB), I contacted them to ask who their medical provider was, turns out they did not have one.

The rodeos, transports and Urban stuff are through my local Agency- also how I keep my agency affiliation license up for NREMT, and OHA.

I'm a veteran, a retired general contractor and now a volunteer firefighter/EMT working on my A. I'm in rural north west NV. Checking out the Team Rubicon site and may join up. Not sure how active they are in my area (ironically, not to far from the Rubicon Trail) but could certainly travel to other areas when needed, especially once I get my truck camper built (Going to be starting a build thread soon).

Their name, has nothing to do with the Trail or Jeep, haha go figure. Depending on the location, and how active if you have much of a local group makes a huge difference. TR, does some great work, and is currently going through some restructuring as they have just been growing so fast. If you have a strong local branch, youll be good, if not.........can be hit and miss Id still sign up, and go from there

I am happy with my Advanced, and would not go any higher ( ie Paramedic)

Looking forward to seeing your thread! And that would be helpful, if you need anyhelp with TR give a shout

They Also have a legit Medical team- but dont usually bring on " our" level(s) It does happen though, is also a long in depth process.

Are you going to do any more motorcycle trips? I've been a licensed rider since 1972 and don't heal as quickly as I used to so I went to side hacks. This also allows me to bring my dog along. And carry a bunch more crap without having to worry about balance and load.

Thats Awesome! Im only 29 and dont heal like I used too..

I will, that was my first experience ever on a moto, the first time I rode through traffic was in Santiago. I am looking at some V stroms, or an Africa Twin if I can find one at a price point i like.

Looking forward to more of your reports, especially the EMS stuff (with no HIPPA violations though! :) ).

Its helpful to know, some people are reading and following along, I just want to return the favor for those who helped point me in the right direction.

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Thanks for all the info!

I am NREMT certified and NV licensed but yeah, it doesn't transfer to other states which I think is stupid. :mad::)

Will be starting my build thread soon as I just got my truck back today from getting the lift installed.


Started my build thread!(y)


Pacific Northwest yetti

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I look forward to reading it and following along,

we also have a medical sub forum here: sadly it does not get much love but is one of my favorites, ill drop the link.


Pacific Northwest yetti

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I will be heading up to another Spartan race this weekend. And may also have some large life changes coming up soon....

I was also recently hired with Adventure Medics ( ) out of Bend Oregon. They do some impressive stuff, and am honored I was selected to join their team. Right now, just events as I am still with my full time job.

I also picked up a Moto a few weeks ago, you may think it seems like a weird place to take pics of a new( to me) bike, that is due to the fact that its at work. I had just picked it up and had to get back to work asap, as a plane went down right behind the facility. 2009 Suzuki V strom 650. I had had it a week last Thursday and had put 130miles on her.

I did a start a thread for it, in the Moto forum; but dont plan on updating it,( much) aside from answering questions.


Pacific Northwest yetti

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Saturday 3700 runners
Sunday 2800 runners,

Rainy wet and cold all weekend, slightly less rainy Sunday. We say about 300 patients Saturday, swamped the entire time. Most hypothermia, 1 tib/fib fracture, and a few sprains and strains. I was later than I wanted getting out of work on Friday due to a phone interview. And got in after dark on Friday night, ( 22:00) just crashed w/o even putting the top up. + last year they were not keen on folks camping in the lot. No one bothered me for a early 5:45 start at the Med tent. Had some troubles with the Tent heater until Spartan could deliver a larger generator. Not really any pictures of day 1, and it looks the same most years. Other than us being placed in a different location. It was so wet we had to dig a trench inside, and outside the heated med tent to drain the water.

Treatment is what you'd expect, get all the wet clothes off, wrap in a mylar blanket, hot chicken broth to drink, and we also made heat packs by filling XL gloves with the broth and a knot in the end, and placing in bilateral axilary zones. ( Think both arm pits ).

Day two, another medic and I were reassigned to help with the spartan kids race as they were short staff, and have a very strict policy on the kids. It was actually a blast, although stayed just as busy if not more so. They have 1/2,1 and 2 mile courses for the kids. Rankings are grouped on age bracket. Other then being tiny, its a mirror of the adults course, timing chips, 15 burpees ( versus the 30 on the adult course) if one cant complete an obstacle. From tiny to 14. It was a great laugh and time. The med tent had < 20 patients all day. Dont tell them I lucked out..

The strict policy, is this: Once the kids finish their course the finish line is inside a barricade with two choke points, where the can get their water and bananas, and medals. The kids cant be released until the parent/guardian/ older sibling shows up with a matching wrist band and numbers. We were instructed, if they dont have a way to verify to not let the kids go w/ someone. If they lost their matching bands, we were able to verify with pictures, family, fb, lock screen,etc. Almost all the parents were super great about this added security measure. One woman, got quite angry that we would not just let her 7 year old daughter go to wander around and meet her at the main stage. ( it would of taken the mum at least 2 hours to do the course, and her daughter 30 mins) Camp Sparta is a pretty friendly place, but its still they guesstimated about 7k ppl on grounds that day....

A few pictures of the tear down of camp sparta from afar,


I was very thankful to have the toad ( camper) with me, and that I took Monday off of work so i could drive back slowly. And stayed late helping take down part of the course. Its at least a 4 hour drive for me one way home w/o stops. I decided to take the extra hour detour through Mt Rainiar national park to get home, qued up google maps and away I went.


It was a beautiful day for a drive, I was pretty stoked about the route home. Clear blue skies, flip flops and shorts, windows down and up the mountain we climbed....

We got quite a ways................................right until the gates to the park and pass were closed............................... Now this is obviously on me. However I was surprised no signs spoke of it being closed, and even more so of google maps. The same maps that tells me when there is an accident, or when traffic is slow, routes me around construction heck it even tells me when there is a speed trap up ahead...............but it ad no idea a national park and pass were closed. The same google maps that told me " there was a sparta race at the meadow wood equestrian center, and that it would be closed when I got there at 21:30 )

Dang Millennials generation ( me ) who are increasingly blindly trusting the digital devices. I had wondered a little why the road did not seem to have much traffic on it, but a few cars every 10 mins or so- both directions.. also no snow. Cest La VE, like i said; beautiful day for a drive. I did not even mind the drive back, again
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I have been in the Fire Fighting world since 2006, we did a FLAG ( Flammable Liquid and Gas ) class lat night, thought i would post a few pictures. Although the way i had the truck parked i was not able to get many pictures, and of anyone is interested I could expound.

The point is to get to the burning tank valve and shut it down with only using dual fog streams to protect the crew.


Pacific Northwest yetti

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I am currently in negotiations with a company that would put me in remote processing vessels and locations in Alaska, and the Bering Sea as a Safety Manager & Medic. My life may be about to change a lot, ill keep you updated.

I do have a med contract for Memorial Day weekend for SOAK festival, and may try to fit a quick coast trip in this weekend.

Pacific Northwest yetti

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Met up with some coworkers for a quick camp and surf trip in Depo Bay. Large group camp at Beverly Beach State park. Not my normal style, but it's a good group.

My fast and light, camping set up. Bed roll set up, dog bed, and totes for the kitchen set up.

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Pacific Northwest yetti

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Spent time at Beverley Beach State park, and Seal Rock for the surfing.

The campground was packed, but the group sites were further away, tucked into the back and we were the only ones in the group camping. Nice facilities, easy beach access, and the beach never seemed that busy.

Apparently Cordel had never seen a Slug before, he was pretty sure it was there to kill us all.

Also visited Devils Punchbowl,


I had never just spent a day at the beach before, it was nice to just sit and relax with the dog (s) reading. also had some great Clam Chowder in a bread bowl.

Pacific Northwest yetti

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We also checked out Quarry cove


And started the 5 hour push back home. On the way through Portland i stopped at Leatherman, and got my Wave and Wingman replaced. You just cant beat a warranty like theirs, life time- you have to mail them in, or go to the one store. I walked in, chatted with the sales staff and showed them my old and worn multi tools, one with a broken file, and one with torked pliers. She happily smiled, showed me the box of replacements and placed my two worn ones in and handed me two new ones.

I have and always will be a Leatherman customer for life. Osprey, Danner, Maxpedition, Nemo, Goal Zero, Torklift all have similar customer service and warranty depts.

I also stopped in at Cycle Gear, and they replaced my Moto helmet- as one of the top vents broke recently and it was only purchased in November. Thank you Cycle Gear!!!