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The week prior to my Alaska contract, after the traveling Covid-19 contract, I did my best to get out daily for dog ventures, walkabouts and rides. This was all a part of my QT and social distance prior to entry into Alaska.


Pacific Northwest yetti

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A incarceration center for Japanese Americans in the early 1940's during WW II. They are sobering places, but the NPS also did a great job with this one, in restoration and the visitor center. I met some jeeps on the " trail" to Manzanar, who thought I was crazy to drive my truck that way, and assured me i would never make it. They were all lifted and locked. I thanked them for their concerns and continued on my way. I never even needed to put my 7000# chevy in 4x4. And had been through ranch roads way worse. But it was a nice break from the free way.
Its haunting, one of my favorites to visit. But its not as nicely done, it outside Cody Wyoming. Something about the history, and the chilling wind always blowing and that never ending sky. Thank you for reading

Pacific Northwest yetti

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Its been a long few weeks, Covid-19, on top of the normal medical and safety issues. After a particularly frustrating few days i penned this. when im off contract ill be able to share more,

6/24/2020 10:00am

I have to say,

I am disheartened and disappointed. I am unsure what to do or say to motivate and encourage those to make good choices.

I could talk about, the company having a legal right to deny any workers comp claim, or death payout when an employee is injured or dies on the job when not following known, safety policies and failing to wear PPE. About them, the place you have dumped your heart and soul in being able to come after you personally, for costs they incurred due to employee negligence. That safety is a condition of employment.
But that won’t matter or make a difference,

I could talk about how Alaska is the 7th ranked state in the US for work related fatalities. A death rate of 63.1, compared to that of the lower 48 which is 49.4. About how the commercial fishing industry is ranked as one of the highest for death rate 99.8 per 100,000 workers. In 2017 33 work related fatalities. 14 being from the fishing industry. In 2018 there were 32, 13 from the fishing industry. And 2019 was a worse year yet..
But that won’t matter or make a difference,

I could talk about what its like to do a death notification, for a loved one back home. I could talk about the ones I have done in my life so far. The way people react to news like that, some with instant anger and hatred. Others will deny it, scold me for playing a sick joke. I have them shut the door in my face, or simply hang up. Some with sobs, tears and begging for an explanation. An answer I am not able to give, I can’t explain why their son, daughter, father, mother, husband, wife choose to not work safely that day.
But that won’t matter or make a difference,

I could talk about leading by example, how your crew idolizes you. How they look up to you, the admiration and respect they have for you. How they will follow your lead, right or wrong. What it means to truly be a leader.

But that wont matter; or make a difference,

I could talk about the close calls, scars and stories that you’ve gotten here. What went wrong, what we could have done differently to change the outcome. That’s only the limited ones I know about, not the ones that aren’t spoken of. The ones you are imagining right now..
But that won’t matter or make a difference,

I could talk about the risk going up for misuse of equipment, not wearing PPE. It can only help you when used or worn. How when equipment is not used as intended, it increases the risk of not only failure but injury or death. How this stacks the deck against you.
But that won’t matter or make a difference,

I could talk about the ghosts that stay with you, the weight that places on your shoulders every day. Knowing someone was injured or killed. Someone you knew, knowing you could have led by example, or reminded them to be safe, wear the stuff, do the thing the right way. What’s a life worth, is it worth that few minutes you saved taking a shortcut?
But that won’t matter or make difference,

What matters is you, what makes a difference is you.
Not only deciding but making a commitment that everyone goes home today, no one gets hurt today. One second, One minute, One hour, One day, one task at a time.

  • Jordan Pawley

Safety Manager & Medic


Many people don’t realize that peer pressure, and shortcuts, are two very big factors in work place accidents.

Also, all the lame reasons that PPE is too uncomfortable, too much trouble to put on, only for pussies, ........etc. etc. etc.
You are only one man, it’s hard to change a culture.

Pacific Northwest yetti

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We are pulling more and more vessels out of the water here for the winter. In the next week or two personal will be leaving, and we will shut down each building and area down winterizing them one by one.

Also, I may spend some time in Greenland and the Arctic this I have been approached for a contract.

But I look forward to spending time at home, soaking up the sun and time with the dog.

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Pacific Northwest yetti

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damn I feel like an over-aged child. I need to pull myself together and stop bending over in front of society and do what I want
Life is short....I felt like I was on the wrong path. This is the first full year of freelance contracts, its still a test. Hopefully I dont regret leaving that good job, and beautiful cushy corner office.
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