Yet Another White Rubicon - JLUR Build


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A few thoughts while I'm waiting for my 8020 parts to be delivered, still 2-3 weeks out. Here's some back-of-the-envelope numbers on space and weight.

Here's a schematic with the extrusions labeled to the BOM line items. Caution: this is still under development and I'm sure there will be changes!


The full BOM is attached below.

A must-have feature for me is the ability to fully access the under floor storage, so a bit hard to compare to some other systems out there. But here's some numbers compared to the Goose Gear Ice Box:

Goose Gear Ice Box 1.3:
19 3/16"W x 22"H x 25"D
6.1 cu. ft.
Weight: ? (but obviously made of similar material so I'm sure the enclosure is light, not sure how much fridge slide weighs)
Can fit ARB 50qt, weight of ARB 50qt: 52 lbs.

20.5"W x 23.9"H x 23"D
6.5 cu. ft.
Weight: 35.5lbs
Weight of Isotherm 65l: 66 lbs.

65 liters = 68.7 quarts so 37% more fridge space for the cost of 6.5% more storage space.

As far as weight, I expect the 8020 + drawer fridge is not heavier than alternatives, so no penalty there (and I'm not using a plate system)

What about power consumption? So hard to know the real values but the Isotherm model I've chosen is fridge only, no freezer, so the house battery will handle it easily if the advertised power numbers are anywhere close to reality. Yes, it's a drawer design and I know that has an impact whenever it's opened but that should be a small factor given the density of the air vs. fridge contents.