Yet another FJ60 rear drawer build...

Procrastination is my middle name. We are moving into the Landcruiser for a year and a half starting this coming Thursday, yet here I am building our rear storage/bed... talk about cutting it close:victory:.

Our system is not loosely based on Kevin Rowland's drawers. No hardware for drawer slides (except for the Engel drawer)...

Dry fitting in the truck

Here it is with the two drawers inside. The right drawer is our slide out kitchen, with fold out legs (thanks to ideas from ExPo, Stumptaco and Drifta).

Still have quite a ways to go, and I still have to vacate my house for our tenants... I will keep posting. BTW this is not my shop, it is a good friend's place and the loose craftsmanship is mine not his:).


ExPo Original
Nice job on the kitchen slide-out.

And the other uniquely shaped compartments will be for....?



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The side boxes will have hinged lids and will be storage for random stuff while providing support for the lid/bed... I was trying to maximize the storage space that will be enclosed by the wood to minimize dust intrusion and what not. Some things have not come out as planned due to my lack of woodworking experience and rush job status.

Progress is slow, but I will post more pics at some point tonight.


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The drawer system is looking really good. I can't wait to see further progress.

Do you need some motivation? :violent-smiley-031:


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Can post up some detailed pics of your fridge slide? Also if you have any plans/dimensions that you used, it would be a great help for some of us that are building new drawers.

Thanks, and of course, your system looks fantastic! Keep up the good work and progress.

Recommended books for Overlanding


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Storage system/drawer build.

I'm very impressed with the build quality. Well done.

You will not regret selecting the Partner Steel stove, I sure am missing mine now...