Yet another DIY Rack


I'm building a rack for my 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe. not very ExPo and will be used more for bringing home lumber from the DIY store than road trips but will do a bit of duty carrying bodyboards and tents on camping holidays too so I'm hoping it makes the grade ;)

My Santa Fe is a base model so has no rails from the factory, it doesnt even have bolt holes so that bit scares me a little. I'm ploughing on and building it to be sure I can make something that looks ok before I go drilling rain holes in the roof of the car.

Concept will be similar to the Prinsu racks or paranoid56's tidy build here but with one detail difference. Rather than using 2040 extrusions for the cross bars I'm going to use some cheap "aero" roof bars. In an ideal world I'd use Thule wingbars but they're a bit spendy to be chopping up a half dozen of them.
WhatsApp Image 2020-07-28 at 18.22.30 (1).jpeg

I had to remove the weather strip from the roof to figure out about mounting and while I was there I decided to cut the ali to fit the contour of the roof. The rails are made from 5x100mm flat, I have glued them together with some spray glue to allow me to work them as one piece for perfect symmetry.
WhatsApp Image 2020-07-28 at 18.06.38.jpeg

I've made brackets to mount the cross bars to the rails. the shoulder on an M10 coach bolt fits perfectly into the slot in the bottom of the bars. an M12 square nut should fit nicely into the square section of the bar and I'm figuring with an M12 I'll get away with only having a single bolt for each bar, I can't see them rotating once torqued. Brackets are made from some 60x40mm unequal angle, although I ripped it down to around 35mm on the short leg to leave the cross bars flush with the top of the rails.

I'm waiting on hardware to arrive but my big decision now is what to do with the rails in terms of adding speed holes/slots to break up the slab look a bit and or tie down points

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