Yakima SkyRise Mattress: Clean vs Replace

Used our RTT (SkyRise Medium) in Maine, NH, and an extended trip throughout UT and CO last year, without a single issue. This year, while we were remounting the tent onto a sturdier frame, it started to pour. We didn't realize how much rain had gotten onto the end of the mattress, until we went to test our new setup on an overnight trip. Found various colors of mold/mildew on the head and foot ends of the mattress, but it hadn't spread to the middle. I've soaked the 2 ends in straight vinegar, while it was still in the cover, and let it sit in the sun, but I'm still not convinced that everything was killed. I bought a zippered mattress encasement (which I should have put on last year), but I don't want to just create a giant science experiment.
  1. Any other recommended cleaning methods? OR
  2. Should we replace the mattress, and if so, which one did you buy? We're going to be spending 3 weeks straight in it, not to mention other shorter trips, so it has to be comfortable.
Thanks for the help!