i saw a 94 or 93 XR250L for sale OBO on craigs list. it had been crashed and looks like the forks a front wheel were toast. i have a 91 cr125 that has a bad engine but evwrything else is great on it. it crossed my mind to put the CR125 upside down front end on the XR250L. I bet it would be a good upgrade from the original forks. but i dont know if the XR250L is a good starting point anyway. Are they any good or kind of a turd? i wanted something small and light that i could carry on a hitch mount carrier and ride around town and forrestry roads. i am only 5'6" and 125 pounds so i like small bikes. i dont need a lot of motor ussually. also with the bike being wrecked and 20 years old i figure it is worth almost nothing, like $100, sound right? i doubt the seller will feel the same way but who knows. mostly i dont want to consider this project if the XR250L is a bad choice.


Everything I've ever read about the XR250 seemed to be pretty positive about the motor. How much damage to the front end does it look like? Do you think there is a possibility of frame damage?


Good bike especially for a lighter rider as yourself. Had an '86 xl250 for years and I'm 6'2" .biggest problem with the CR front end will be the length. The USD forks are probably 2" longer than the stock ones. You can slide them up about 1" in the triple clamps but will still be too long. Adding more height in the rear can be done but then you will have a tall seat height. I looked into doing this on a'82 xl500. For me it was not worth the effort since I have a newer KTM to ride.

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Those forks will not just bolt up
I believe the cr forks are wider than a xr or xl
woud need custom tripple camp most likely
its doable but more than a swap