Xpedition Camper out of Minnesota


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Thanks Howard.
Posting pictures of near finished tray pack. Steps fold up into tool box. Fuel filler is a bit recessed for protection. Tools boxes are bolted to bottom of bed which allows for repair or replacing if damage accurs.
Just need to fit covers and paint.



Supporting Sponsor: Haf Xpedition Camper
Parent company HAF Eq paid for the development of camper project. The name Expedition Camper was used as a placeholder. The company was recently incorporated under the name Camper Logic LLC. Its now a real company with its own identity.
We will be at the expo in May.


Unfortunately I will not be at Expo this year. Maybe there is a chance we can meet up on the road? I'd be willing to do a weekend trip somewhere to meet up on your way down to Expo.


Supporting Sponsor: Haf Xpedition Camper
That can work. Our route from St Paul takes us through pan handle of Oklahoma, then through New Mexico.
Let me know if this works.

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Maybe I missed it in the write up, but h ow long is the flat deck?

Great looking unit, well thought out. Do you have pricing?


Supporting Sponsor: Haf Xpedition Camper
Its 12 foot long. I have not put cost together yet. I will post a few more pictures after it gets out of coating on Tuesday. Its getting a Rhino coating.


Looks like a motorcycle lift in the back? Frame mounted? Also curious about what it scales at. I am currently in Baja driving some back roads and this camper looks like it would be more up to the job than my current set up.