XPCamper V2 (Camper only) - $37,000


XPCamper V2
Location: Grass Valley, CA
Price: $37,000 (costs $50k+ new)

After a few years of being nomadic and traveling in everything from a hatchback to an Earthcruiser, I've decided to get a house and am selling my XPCamper V2.

For those not familiar with XPCamper, they're a company based in California that build flatbed campers. Unlike most RVs/truck campers, they're not built using aluminum and plywood but molded out of a combination of foam/fiberglass/carbon fiber. Think more boat, less RV. They primarily sell two versions: a larger V1(~$120k) for long-term expedition travel, and a compact V2 which uses the same appliances/tech but for smaller trucks. I have the V2.

I ordered the camper in August 2016, and took delivery May 2017. I used it on some surf trips and music festivals over the summer, before dropping it off at XPCamper in September and spending the fall in NYC. The camper is in excellent condition and has a transferrable 5 year warranty.

I'm only selling the camper. You still need a truck and to get a flatbed from XPCamper. You can get exact numbers here but it ranges from ~$9k for a Tacoma, to $11k+ for a Tundra/larger truck.

Notable features:

Hard-sided, electric actuated pop-top.
It maintains a low profile while driving, and expands using a remote when you get to camp. The hard sides help with insulation, condensation prevention, and give it a much more spacious feeling compared to soft sided campers. Also, having real windows at eye level is a game changer.

Webasto Dualtop Diesel Air/Water Heater
I love this heater. While I haven't used the XP in the winter, it's the same unit I had in the Earthcruiser and it's better than a propane based heater in all aspects: it's more efficient, creates less condensation, safer, and more convenient to fill.

Webasto X100 Diesel Stove
The cooktop version of the above. While it takes a bit to turn on (kept a jetfoil on hand for tea), it's a pleasure to cook on, ventilates outside and it's very efficient in terms of fuel use.

27 Gallons Fresh Water Capacity
Plenty of water for two people for over a week. The tank is also insulated/heated by the Webasto so you don't have to worry about it freezing in the winter.

Lifeline 150AH AGM battery
Plenty of energy storage for off grid camping traveling. Are charged from both your alternator and from the solar panels.

3 x 100W Flex Solar Panels
Compliments the power bank above. They're low profile and resistant so they don't get caught up branches and help maintain aerodynamics.

1000W Puresine Inverter/Charger
Run/charge your house hold appliances, including a blender and curling iron.

ARB 6ft Awning
Great for adding shade and extending the living/cooking area.

Yakima Roof Rack
Allows you to easily transport surfboards/skis/bikes.

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Not in a place to buy it, but I'm curious why you're selling it - the V2 has been on my radar for a while in planning for the future, and you make a decent case for it.

Good luck with the sale in any case.


Thanks! I'm selling it primarily for lifestyle reasons. After being nomadic for a few years I had the urge for a more permanent home base and settled down in the Columbia Gorge. Since I'm in homeowner mode now, the XP is sitting idle and I could use the money to build out this property and get a DR650 for weekend adventures.


Where in the gorge are you? Love your house. We built about 3 years ago and absolutely love it. With regard to your camper....wishful thinking is about as close as I can get.


windtraveler, thanks – I'm over a few miles outside White Salmon. That isn't my house but a farm I used to live out on Sauvie Island. I'm hoping to build a similar casita as an ADU on my property once I get settled (and hopefully with the proceeds from the camper).

60toyetero, thanks! I would come down to Bachelor for a weekend but the camper's already at XPCamper in Grass Valley, and I'm too lazy. I was actually looking at getting a troopy from Eco-Offroad in Sisters a while back. Even considered getting an imported 79 series to put the camper on. I'm going to put the overlanding on hold while I develop my more permanent home base.


Rendezvous Conspirator
Can you comment on the suitability of sleeping 2 adults, 1kid in the V2?

Hard to tell from the interior photos if the side dinette can be converted and function like a bed while the cabover bunk is extended. I also imagine it'd be... "cozy". Nevertheless, a 2+1 setup is our "bare minimum".


Can you comment on the suitability of sleeping 2 adults, 1kid in the V2?

Hard to tell from the interior photos if the side dinette can be converted and function like a bed while the cabover bunk is extended. I also imagine it'd be... "cozy". Nevertheless, a 2+1 setup is our "bare minimum".
I think it depends on the age of the child. During the time I had it, I would often use it as a couch/sitting area to avoid extending the cabover bed during the day. My girlfriend and I would then use the extra counter top above the fridge (which is available when the cabover bed is folded) for food prep/table and allow us to have 4 people in the camper during meals. This configuration also extended our storage, creating this "cubby" for shoes and other things under the table, by the shower grate/drain. The width of the bed seems to be around 22" so if the little one would be comfortable on that width, then it works.

Here's a link to the dimensions

I think storage wise, you'd have enough space for 2+1 kid with the side storage (especially if you left the cassette toilet at home – the one in the camper is still sealed).


I was considering keeping it for another summer but with my current lifestyle I don't see myself using it much. Dropped the price to 37k.


SOLD to someone in Europe.

A note to anyone looking at V2s in the states: You will certainly be way over your GWVR if you go with anything less than a 2500 truck. Mine weighted 1633lbs dry and wet it took my Toyota Pickup 1200lbs too heavy with 2 passengers.