[wy] maggiolina autohome medium roof top tent for sale


old maggiolina airland roof top tent. medium size (ex 57x83) well used. i am selling because i'm short and usually alone and it was bigger than i needed so i found a small. i'm selling it cheap because it's a bit worn. nothing that will really hold most of you back. the chain that raises it works but could be pulled and lubed. i have used it to push low hanging trees up so could use patchwork if you want it to look good but it doesn't leak. the trim on the edge is gone, i started to replace it with cheap black trim and didnt have enough so i never did it (look at car door edge weatherstrip, you can buy it in 100' rolls for cheap). the material is getting a bit thin. you don't notice if you keep the material coated (you do have to regularly treat the material anyway to keep it breathable but weatherproof) and if you don't cold weather camp, it won't bother you at all...i camp when it's well below freezing. i have a gallon jug of the coating stuff you can have...i just did the new tent and won't need any for a few years. i did treat this one two years ago and have only used it a few times since then.

i started adding a power source and have changed out the crappy incandescent light to a blue led strip light. just never finished. i'm short, but i had a 6' boyfriend (i'm a chick) and he slept comfortably in it. exterior length is 83 inches, but interior is a bit shorter because of the lift mechanism. maybe subtract 4" end. i prefer the airland over the cheaper columbus because you don't waste your night finding the perfect way to park to keep your head either flat or slightly uphill; just move the pillow to the other end. i prefer hard shell for fuel economy and durability (a friend had an eezi awn that was trashed in two years with wind and weather and he had already replaced the cover once). on wheeling trips, i was usually 1/8 of a tank more fuel when we hit the gas stations because of aerodynamics. if you're short or too old to climb on top of the rig, no fighting with covers and having to gently pull your rtt over. disadvantages are it takes up the entire roof and you don't have the overhang to hang your muddy boots outside under cover.

i am including a vestibule, but because it's the older version, you'll need to add two loops to the top of the tent to hook up the vestibule. iirc, it's a medium..i got it to fit my 80 series on 35s. located in cheyenne. i do go to northern denver area a lot. $1400 for tent and vestibule (vestibule is still new in bag...took it out once. the changing room retails at $600, i'm including it for free. if you search my user, you will find i am a huge supporter of the maggiolina tents....and friends will tell you i'm not easy to please. these are the sheeeeattt.

sorry, only pics i have are either 80 series or 55 series land cruisers. park your jeep or whatever next to one to figure out the fit. ;)

best contact is to text 303 827 1440 or email nuclearlemon@gmail.com
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here's a picture of theloops that maggiolina said need to be added to use the vestibule. price dropped to $1400
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i've had three people offer 1200 and say they wanted to come get it, but none have shown up to even look. first one here with 1200 cash gets it.