WTS: Garmin InReach Mini, Trigger Accessory/Light Controllers, ArcTeryx Atom LT


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WTS the following.

All prices include shipping within US, all prices are OBO.

PayPal only. Located in Rochester, NY *for now*

Brand new Garmin InReach Mini w/Garmin Spine amount ($23), RAM Mount ($12), and Marine Mount ($20).
The Garmin unit is BRAND NEW. It’s a warranty replacement from Garmin and has never been used. Looking for $250

Trigger 6 Shooter Wireless Light/Accessory Controller.
Comes with the 6 cables to wire in accessories (not pictured), and the hardwire cable for the remote (also not pictured).
Cheaper sPOD/Switchpros. It’s also not as good, but it’s decent for the price.
Retail is like $380-420. How about $230?

Trigger 4 Series Light/Accessory Controller.
Comes with cables and remote (both not pictured. I used it as a control pad in my camper for a bit.
$206 on Amazon, how about $115?


ArcTeryx Atom LT Jacket in Large. Used, has a couple small rips and tears but good otherwise.

Blue Sea Systems ML-ACR Isolator - one of the best isolators on the market. This one is brand new in box, I never used it. This is the one with the manual control switch on the device, and the rocker switch as well.
$170 on Amazon, looking for $125. SOLD

Samsung Tab A 8 inch tablet with a RAM X Grip holder, medium arm and ball mount. It’s about $60 alone in RAM mounts and looks like tablet is like $130 new on Amazon.
$290 totalish, how about $125? SOLD
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Blue Sea Systems ML-ACR Isolator - This is the one with the manual control switch on the device, and the rocker switch as well. $170 on Amazon, looking for $125.
Payment sent - Thanks
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I'm interested in the trigger 6 but also curious why said it's not as good. I currently have spowired rockers but I really like the wireless/app ability.

What specifically are you referring to? I've read their first version Bluetooth connectivity isn't great.

Also, I assume that by changing the fuse layout 2x30, 2x10 and 2x5 you can get better coverage like 6x15 or 3x20+3x10? Any comment on that? I don't see any specific days on their website about this.
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