WTB - Winnebago Revel

Christian P.

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Thanks and I have! They make a great product in comparison to a revel. The revel feels tight inside and the finish feels just like any other RV. Cheap and slapped together. Hopeful the storyteller can hold up for the long term.


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Located in Los Angeles and looking to purchase a Revel before 11/1. Going to live out of it while working remotely for the foreseeable future.

Willing to consider other 4x4 options, but the toilet and shower are a must.
Hey Buddy, have one for sale on RV Trader San Diego; look for Escondido.


The only reason I’m partial to a shower are the 2-3 days mountain biking trips I do now without one. Would be amazing to rinse off afterward. Then again a portable shower could probably do the trick.
Sportsmobiles have some nice outside showers with hot water. Doesn’t take up any precious inside space. I highly recommend a pop up changing room to shower in and a spot for the cassette toilet.