WTB: LR3 or LR4 with HD Package for Overlanding Build


Hello everyone,

My wife and I used to do quite a bit of off roading in our D2 and LR3 8-10 years ago and am wanting to get back into it. It looks like a good bit has changed in regards to available aftermarket components.

When looking at LR3/LR4's for sale what is the best way to tell if they have the HD package? I'd like to find one with it if possible.

Also, are there any differences between the early LR4's and later LR4's? Do some not have 4 Low?

If anyone has any leads on a good truck, let me know. Thanks for the help!



HD package will have a full size spare and many owners don’t know they have it so build sheet from VIN is best

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HD package gets you a rear locker.

For the LR3 and Pre-Facelift LR4's, look up the vin. Someone could easily have added a full sized spare throughout the truck's lifetime.

For facelift LR4's (2014-2016), low range was no longer standard. You can tell if a truck has the HD package simply by looking at the terrain response control. If it has a low range selector and rock crawl mode, you've got it.