WTB: Lexus GX470/Toyota 4R/LC100/LX470 — Stock to Mildly Built (lift/tires/sliders) — In SoCal; may travel


I'm in the market for a GX. Ideal world would be 05+ with under 150k miles, but open to anything. Well kept with maintenance records trumps all. Also open to the right 4Runner, 100 series, or LX470.

I'm located in SoCal, but willing to travel within reason for the right option. Budget is anywhere up to $15k, depending largely on the state/condition of the vehicle. From my research (been lightly looking for a couple of years, but finally ready to pull the trigger), "reasonable" would be $8-12k for a stock vehicle or $10-15k for a lightly modded.

Show me what ya got or PM me here.
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Not sure if allowed, but I represent a dealer in Southern Utah (7 hours away). I have a white on beige 2004 GX470 with 118725 miles. We’re asking $14450. PM me if you want a link to the listing. It may be another day yet as it just came in.