WTB: JKU/JLU w/ Ursa Minor


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Hello new friends,
I'd like to buy a built-out 4 door Jeep together or separately with an Ursa Minor for camping excursions in the mountain west. I won't be doing rock crawling, but would like a capable vehicle that can get me in and out of trouble.

Thoughtful maintenance
<100k miles
Upgraded suspension
At least 35s, with life on them
Onboard air compressor
All "5" seats, even if you've deleted some (like w/ goose)

Interested in:
Sliding fridge
Pressurized water external shower
Lithium battery/solar (like GoalZero)
Recovery gear
Safety gear

On the Ursa:
Perimeter black bedliner
Rear windows (fixed or sliding)
Roof solar and roof rack
270 or 2 awnings

Home base is Jackson, WY but am frequently in SoCal (SBA, SNA) and NorCal (SMF). Looking forward to meeting some ExPo members and getting a great rig. Must-buy by Thanksgiving 2021. Hard combined price cap of 45k cash.



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Hello new friends,
I'd like to buy a built-out 4 door Jeep together or separately with an Ursa Minor for camping excursions in the mountain west. I won't be doing rock crawling, but would like a capable vehicle that can get me in and out of trouble.

Thoughtful maintenance YES
<100k miles 69,500
Winch SMITTYBUILT 10,000lb w remote
Upgraded suspension 3"'lift w Fox Shocks
At least 35s, with life on them (5) NEW 37's
Onboard air compressor ARB UNDER HOOD
All "5" seats, even if you've deleted some (like w/ goose). CUSTOM STAINLESS DELETE + stored seats

Interested in:
Pressurized water external shower YES 15 gallon with ursa Minor mounted shower surround
Lithium battery/solar (like GoalZero) 170 Watts solar + 3 Battery system
Recovery gear. Yes
Safety gear yes

On the Ursa:
Perimeter black bedliner. YES
Rear windows (fixed or sliding). NO. ROTOPAX GAS IN EACH WINDOW
Roof solar and roof rack. SOLAR and Shower, no rack.
270 or 2 awnings. OVS 270 driver side awning. Best made in my opinion

Home base is Jackson, WY COOL. I LIVED IN RED LODGE, MT. am frequently in SoCal (SBA, SNA) and NorCal (SMF). I may end up in San Diego in November Looking forward to meeting some ExPo members and getting a great rig. Must-buy by Thanksgiving 2021. Hard combined price cap of 45k cash. I plan to post and sell Nov/Dec to start a larger expedition vehicle build in January.

Hey Jourdan,
I think you can see my bold comments if you expand your quote above. I have not posted my Jeep for sale yet but it checks most of your boxes. I intended to post it for sale after my wife and I return from this trip end of October and start a new larger build for full time living first of the year. Once we take everything out and clean it up I will take more photos. We may have some geographic challenges that may be a turn off for you and I intended to price my jeep a bit higher than your budget (especially if I sell it in Mexico where they go for a premium build like this). That being said, our goals and timing seem pretty well aligned and I believe in that sort of thing so its worth a shot. I am an ex helicopter pilot and my wife and I travel around Mexico shooting drone video for a living along with overlanding when we are not shooting hotel contracts or footage for documentaries. I drive carefully and take care of our Jeep like its our life (it is). Check out my spec sheet below and maybe we can talk soon. I am in the mouth of a volcano in Nayarit, Mexico this week and my internet even with the booster is a bit slow but if you are interested we can talk.


2015 Jeep Wrangler Sahara JKU
Full Time Overland Build
Exterior Silver
Interior Black Leather
Automatic Trans

Bought with 28,000 miles and built specifically with the Ursa Minor top in mind. Ordered Ursa Minor new and took delivery 15 months ago. Jeep now has 69,500 miles. Oil changed every 3,000 miles with high quality oil and diffs fluid changed every other oil change. Other maintenance as recommended by Jeep.

I am a former helicopter pilot. I have never broken anything on this jeep as I do a pre flight type walk around before departing anywhere and I drive very precisely and carefully. I am not big into rock crawling unless the rocks are in between me and my campsite. The jeep has never been stuck and the Max Trax have only been used for leveling or showering. The roughest thing the Jeep ever went through was a river crossing that you can see on our YouTube channel Mexico Drones Overland Adventures which was in our first episode and the jeep was unfazed.

I am an American but the Jeep was purchased in Mexico where I live with my wife, is paid for, has all titles (factura) and paperwork. I understand since this jeep was Made in the USA and exported to Mexico it is fairly simple to import back into the USA. I prefer Mexico plates as its much easier to cross boarders without bonds etc…. The same vehicle actually cost more here.

The Jeep

Options Under the hood and on the front
- [ ] Dual Battery System with New Optima Yellow Tops (3 months)
- [ ] Additional third yellow top under floor of rear seats
- [ ] ARB under hood air compressor
- [ ] Six Shooter Relay system that controls 6 rock lights under jeep, 3 on each side, front Baja lights, under hood KC cyclone light, Kitchen KC cyclone light, 2 side flood lights. Controlled from switches under hood, magnetic switch bank in driver seat, or by bluetooth app.
- [ ] Lighting is all Pro Comp with exception of 2 KC cyclones and the side flood which are Rigid style but not Rigid brand.
- [ ] Upgraded stainless hood latches.
- [ ] Grill Screen
- [ ] EAV Front Bumper with shackles
- [ ] Smittybuilt 10,000 lb winch with wireless or wired remote
- [ ] Pro Comp Headlights
- [ ] Pro Comp 6¨Baja Lights
- [ ] Pro Comp Fog Lights with halo

- [ ] Head Unit upgraded to Alpine iLX7 7¨ touchscreen Apple Wifi/bluetooth CarPlay unit with Gaia GPS with Alpine back up camera.
- [ ] Dual Front and inside 1080 Dash Cam
- [ ] Upgraded Grab Handles
- [ ] 67 Designs Carbon/Machined Aluminum phone mount.
- [ ] Headliner is Carpeted and loaded with USB outlets and 12v outlets and zipper pockets. Due to all Ursa Minor available cockpit options selected.
- [ ] Keyed Safe under drivers seat.
- [ ] Cell phone signal booster.

- [ ] Ursa Minor sleeper top with nearly all available options. 12,000+ was the cost 15 months ago and I can dig up the invoice to show options. Pretty much all options selected with exception of the very top was left white for solar. You cannot see white from the sides of the jeep. Also rear windows have Rotopax Spare Gas packs on each side with locks.
- [ ] Soft top used one time is complete
- [ ] 170watt Renogy solar panel with Victron bluetooth MPPT 100/20 charge controller behind passenger glove compartment. Third Optima Yellowtop and Renogy inverter under rear passenger platform.
- [ ] 15 gallon aluminum pressurized solar shower system with shower nozzle and long hose with garden type sprayer.
- [ ] OVS Shower surround with access to passenger window on passenger side. Shower nozzle from pressurized shower in reach.
- [ ] 270 Degree Driver Side awning by OVS. All extruded aluminum use with or without legs depending on conditions.
- [ ] Custom Stainless steel ladder mounted to Ursa Minor for entrance from outside. This is also a mounting location for two MaxTrax.
- [ ] Two Black MaxTrax Traction boards.
- [ ] Cell booster antenna
- [ ] AT overland aluminum propane mount driver rear corner with 5lb tank.

Rear seat area:
- [ ] Rear 60/40 seats are like new in storage
- [ ] Custom Stainless Steel platform with piano hinges provides flat surface that matches the rear level and provides extra battery, inverter, and storage under platform.

Rear Storage Area and Custom Kitchen
- [ ] 7 Frontrunner gear boxes
- [ ] 70 Liter Frontrunner Water Tank
- [ ] Wolf Side under roll bar storage bags (both sides)
- [ ] Fire extinguisher and QR mount
- [ ] Hi Lift Jack and shovel mounting system above kitchen.
- [ ] Dometic 95 liter Refrigerator Freezer combo. Each side can be on/off/fridge/freezer as desired depending on needs and available power.
- [ ] Custom Stainless steel kitchen with 250lb stainless drawer that holds all of your cookware and utensils and slides out from under cooler.
- [ ] Cook Partner dual burner stove
- [ ] AT overland mount with 5lb propane tank next to stove when slid out
- [ ] Gravity fed water at kitchen
- [ ] KC cyclone light above kitchen inside rear window
- [ ] Water tank, Fridge/Freezer/Kitchen Entire rear storage area slides out on 500lb Cargo Glide slide out system. This is really only used for removing cooler or cleaning under the kitchen.

Rear of Jeep:
- [ ] EAV upgraded spare tire carrier with 37¨matched spare
- [ ] EAV bumper with shackles.
- [ ] Trasharoo
- [ ] Propane Tank
- [ ] Alpine Back up camera
- [ ] Rear Light Guards

- [ ] KMC 18¨wheels
- [ ] NEW Yokohama 37¨ Hybrid X-AT Mud/All Terrain Tires
- [ ] Fox 2.0 shot front and rear
- [ ] Teraflex 3 inch lift
- [ ] Upgraded Teraflex Overland Springs

- [ ] Smittybuilt Atlas Door hinge steps for cleaning solar panel etc…
- [ ] Loaded with never used recovery gear.

I am sure there are some things I forgot. Just made this list tonight. And trying to attach a couple of photos but I made them small files since my bandwidth if VERY limited. Will get you some more images when were out of the woods if your interested. Scott


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Super interested, Scott. Could you throw some more pictures my way? Especially curious about the custom deck system and kitchen setup.

With that big/wide suspension and tires does she drive decently on-road?



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Cool Jourdan. I am amazed at how well and smoothly it drives with the new 37's actually. We just drove 18 hours from Oaxaca to Guadalajara. Had a good suspension guy put it up on a rack and get a wrench on everything since we came off of a 30-day wilderness challenge in the high sierra of Oaxaca. He said the Jeep is tight and hungry for more kilometers.

Take a look at this video at 9:00 minutes.
Jeep Kitchen at 9:00
Its a pretty bad job showing the kitchen but will give you an idea. This video is before the overland springs, 37's and the rooftop shower.

I have video on my phone of the stainless platform and many other items. Will break camp in a day or two and head up to the antennas (4G) so I can get some work done and send you some decent content. I actually have 30-reviews of all of the key components posting one per day
In November. Then planning to finish the year with a walk around to help sell the Jeep. I have gotten rid of anything that did not work well and replaced it. Everything is stainless or aluminum (zero wood). The platform is stainless under the carpet mat and it folds up to the water tank. All stainless work (kitchen, ladder, rear delete) done per my specs at a professional shop. Behind the platform you can see the water tank and back of the slide-out containing the kitchen. Added an image of the volcano were camping in for fun :) (credit ioverlander). DISCLAIMER: all photos very low res due to my low bandwidth here :(




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If you are interested in some video clips email me scott (at) mexico drones dot com and I will send them to your email via Smash (a large file service) when I get to 4G. Scott