WTB Expedition Rig to travel the world 15k Budget

I'm looking to build or buy an expedition rig for 15k (15% of total budget for overland trip around the world). Building a simple rig and using the majority of the budget for other travel expenses. Now that leaves me with a quest to find a suitable rig that will successfully house my girlfriend and myself along the way and get us from point A to point B. My current thought is a Toyota pick up (1985-1999) with manual everything and a 22RE engine and extended bed. My biggest dilemma seems to be trying to find a pop up camper that can be outfitted properly and can be easily set up nightly. I've started leaning toward having a fiberglass camper shell manufactured to whatever car we decide on with a possible vanagon style flip top that the cab over could be used as sleeping quarter and gear stored in the bed. Looking for recommendations, advice, and guidance. Thank you


would a RTT be acceptable? You could buy a truck with shell and add the tent

FlipPac's are awesome but all seem to fail at some point, then what?

FWC would be ideal but that alone would break the budget
You know I have been weighing the pros and cons of a roof top tent compared to the comfort of the camper. I'm leaning towards an rtt as with less stuff you have less of a chance breaking items.




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Van, plain and simple an Astro van 4wd will fit your budget and give you the best living on the road setup.
Otherwise I would go for a full size truck and camper.

Actually living in a vehicle on the road requires more space and ease of movement/setup than any "camping" system out there.
I love my 70 Burb but if I was setting off on anything longer as a lifestyle I would trade it in for a 4wd van in a heartbeat.