WTB: 1st Gen Tundra *FOUND ONE*

On the hunt for a 1st gen Tundra in excellent condition and low miles.

I’m willing to consider all varieties with the 6’ bed but my preferences are:

Year Model 05-06
4.7 V8
Access Cab
<75,000 miles

Location is not important. I’m willing to travel to get the right truck.

I know they are rare but they are out there and I’m willing to pay a fair price.

good luck, I have not seen any with under 100k.
I have seen several nearby at dealers and they want 30% over the highest book value for them. Im not saying that is not right, I’m just not ready to pull the trigger on something like that just yet.

I am not in a rush and looking for the “needle in a haystack”. I think perseverance will pay off.
RGR Mike - Nice Truck for sure and a fair value based on what I’ve seen. A few too many miles. I might change my mind down the road but since my search is still in it’s infancy I’m gonna try to hold out for a truck with fewer miles.
Found my needle in a haystack. Pristine 1 owner 06 double cab SR5 4x4 with 71k miles and matching shell. Meticulate maintenance records. Patience and perseverance paid off.