WTB 1st Gen Double Cab, 4x4 or 4x2


Edit: Got a deal pending. Think I found the one. 😎 11/3/20

Looking to buy a 2001-2004 1st Gen Double Cab. A semi-project truck would be ok as long as the body and paint is pretty good and frame is CLEAN. 4x4 or 4x2/PreRunner is totally ok. Gray interior only. No green or gold/tan exterior. (Color preference order would be white, gray, silver, black, maroon, then red.)

Absolutely must have a CLEAN frame. Absolutely NO northeast or rustbelt trucks unless they've been perfectly garage kept.

Known history would be awesome too, if possible--thats why I'm posting on an enthusiast site. :)

Would love to find around 150k miles, but for the right truck, up to 250k ish is fine.

Located in Southern Utah. Willing to drive, fly, or ship for the right truck.


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Thanks for that. Hadnt seen that yet. Just called on it and there was someone there looking at it right then (not sure why he even answered...). Appreciate the lead. We'll see if he calls me back. :-/
Phoenix is the hardest place to get a 4x4 toyota, I'm always in competition with the ads out here. Probably will be gone within 24hrs.