Wrist watches for the adventure-minded?


Wrist watches for the adventure-minded?

What type/brand/model of watch does everyone wear on their adventures and/or everyday? I'm in the market for something new...

I started my adult life with a Timex IronMan IdiGlo digital watch that I still have and still works, but the face is small and buttons difficult to manipulate. It lives in my drawer as a last ditch backup. The battery lasts for a long time.

I moved up to a digital "ABC" watch (Altimeter, Barometer, Compass - it is a Highgear Alterra) that has been just OK. Highgear is no longer in business that I can tell. Here is an article discussing the features (https://gearjunkie.com/gear-review-highgear-alterra). The good - The compass is useful and the barometer/altimeter is nice to monitor weather, it is a nice size, and it tells time. The bad - The thermometer is not useful unless you take the watch off and strap it to a pack or outside a glove, the downhill run tracker (for skiing) is only helpful if you ski bigger mountains, the alarm stopped working, it has not worn very well (buttons and other parts are loose, lots of scratches), use of the altimeter requires constant calibration, and it seems to eat a battery a year.

I began to briefly consider a GPS watch but none seem to get truly great reviews and it seems they are in constant need of charging. They are expensive and if this is going to be an everyday watch, I don't think I need to know where I'm located on the globe at any given moment.

I have a dressier analog watch (Citizen Eco-Drive) that I have been very happy with for years. Unless I stuff it in a drawer for too long, I have not had to touch it except for correcting for daylight savings time twice a year. It only comes out when I get out a suit or more business-type clothes, but it is a solid watch. Maybe less-is-more and I will go to a sportier version of this style (dial, alarm, simple features, solar charging) but I would like to hear about what others prefer. Luminox and Inox watches are also on my list of potentials. I'm lightly considering another ABC watch (eg, G-Shock) but they are as much money as a GPS watch, and require calibration to be accurate.



There is a whole thread floating around here on the topic.
I like my Armourlite Isobrite T100 military (9:00 crown)
10 year battery, tritium vials are insanely bright and last years. Very light for its size

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I usually just wear the Rolex Sub or GMT II that I normally wear. If I think I'm going to be someplace where the watch could get really beat up, I have an old Wenger that I got from Costco some years ago that works fine too (so long as the battery is good).


Wenger Swiss Military watch with a sweep second hand and the date where the "3" would be. It glows in the dark all night. Might have paid $100 for it at Cabela's. I don't need a weather station or mini-computer on by wrist; I just want to know the time and date-of-the-month. I'm not trying to impress anyone with my watch (plus I can't justify or afford an expensive watch).


I wear an inexpensive Marathon watch. I figure if it is good enough for our military, I probably can't beat it up. Long battery life, super bright tritium night glow and a rotating bezel for dual time zones or timing or whatever. I have this one: https://www.marathonwatch.com/product/pilots-navigator-tritium/ I picked it up new on eBay for about $180.
Totally agree. The tritium itself is worth it. The watch is reasonably indestructible. Have had mY GSAR FOR 8 years now. As new.


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I'm a fan of watches.

If you're on a budget, you can't get a more capable watch for the money than the Vostok Amphibia. Plus, they're fun to modify to make your own.

Another good budget option (about double the Vostok) is the Seiko SKX series. I really like my pepsi bezel one. Keeps time great, automatic, survives the ocean, lakes and any other random task I throw at it.


I've been wearing a Seiko SSC017 Chrono Diver on a nice 'Bond' style Nato Strap for the last few weeks. It's quickly becoming my favorite.


Kinda like the OP, atomic Eco-drive is my daily, it's just great to have perfect time and never have to fiddle with it as far as batteries or anything else. Nice watches that are kind of sporty but nice looking, although I wouldn't want to beat mine up.

On the weekends or outdoor trips I go to my Suunto Core, pretty easy to find on sale. I like the big readout and having all the toys if I want them. I'll re-calibrate occasionally but just treat it for what it is, an approximation. If I really want accuracy I'd probably be carrying a GPS. And agreed on the GPS watches. Awesome in theory or maybe for weekend trips, but I don't want to deal with charging and short life when I'm in the woods. The Core does go through about a battery a year, but I just get the packs from Amazon and they are super cheap and the watch warns you for a couple weeks before it dies.

I've tried the automatics, wore an SKX007 for a long time, but they just didn't turn out to be for me. Fine if you are wearing it everyday so it gets wound but even then the time tends to creep. and if you are switching between watches having to reset it all the time sucks. Solid watch though for durability, etc.

Like someone else said, kinda depends if you just time/date, or a few functions. I tend to use my stopwatch/timer, sunrise/sunset, and a couple other functions quite a bit. I've thought about a Luminox a few times, not sure if I want to go back to super basic.


I've got a SKX007 as a daily watch and its my go to watch every chance I get BUT if I'm on a hiking or expedition trip, I'm always grabbing the Casio G-Shock, 10+ years on the original battery and still kicking...