Worth fixing this camper?? Vintage Fliteway


I have a older fliteway hard side truck camper, girlfriend and I picked it up for $200 over a year ago, used it twice, it has Heat/AC fridge/stove.
The other day I went in the camper to remove some camping gear and noticed that the ceiling above the bed is leaking on both sides so I am trying to decide if I should pull it all apart and put in new interior panels and fix anything that is rotten behind them and add some insulation. I took a look at the roof and it has a tin roof which someone has added some kind of sealant but I don't think it flexes very well and it has cracks in it I just don't know what I should do to fix this. I will post pictures of the inside to get peoples thoughts and Ideas if its worth fixing or just try to get rid of it.

One other thing that I have noticed is when I put the tripod jacks under each side to lift it it looks like one of the sides likes to flex like something is rotten its just one of those things I am kind of overwhelmed and trying to figure where to start.
Some basic Pictures of the camper and some of the damage. Any advise would be great ! Thanks



Looks good, sounds like deferred maintenance and neglect have grown to serious problems. Lots of flex in any box indicates bad joints and framing problems, the extent is really unknown. I'd probably lay a rubber roof on myself sealing it up, caulk the exterior making it water tight and use it with care. Might check the floor, might add some ply inside and cover it if it's spongy as that isn't the right way but it would last for years if it's dried out. Otherwise you may have a money pit, this route you'd have about $300 in, a steal for something to stay in for camping. Check electrical connections and gas lines carefully, excessive flex can work connections, make sure you're safe.
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the box itself is not bad but I have only 2 jacks one goes on each side in the middle. when I go to lift it on the drivers side (when loaded ) it seems like the entire side likes to ripple so I may have some issues, I guess its time to start pulling it apart and decide what to do. I may start with the inside to see how the framing looks under the ceiling, do you think I could lay a rubber roof over the tin one or would I need to remove the tin roof to add rubber, if at all possible I would like to put this thing on a diet, because my 1500 HD seems like its at its max with stock suspension, some bags would help it for sure if I don't cut the weight on this thing.

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Put the rubber over the tin.

It's no good fixing up the inside until the leaks are fixed .

Spend your time and money on the outside first.

Have you thought about swapping sides with the jacks ?

Nice classic camper :)


Well I pulled the panel off of the front part of the camper where I was seeing the sagging/ problems, and what did I see....... You all guessed it .. MOLD. the pieces of wood seem to be on decent shape so do you think I can kill the mold somehow and then re cover when pannels or do I need to remove the roof to replace the wood?IMG_20130827_161603_801.jpgIMG_20130827_161625_587.jpgIMG_20130827_161618_797.jpgIMG_20130827_161612_781.jpg


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You can spray the mold with a 50/50 mix of bleach and water. Let it soak in well and then dry out thoroughly. The bleach solution will kill the mold. Then rebuild.


Well I will post a little update, I got the one section of ceiling torn down. I replaced the loose fill insulation with some Pink Owens Corning R-12 Insulation. Replaced the rotten ribs, put one new ceiling section up.The sections I got dont match the existing roof but its the only kind I could find. so I have one white-sh one, and the rest are tan, now time for new trim then I think its going up for sale. I got the girlfriend talked into a trailer so we can hit more trails when we visit places. I will post pictures when I get some.