World Record South Pole Expedition


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(yes, I read Reuters everyday)

"The Thomson Reuters Polar Vehicle is a revolutionary new concept vehicle designed with two goals - to break the overland speed record to the South Pole, and to act as a blueprint and inspiration for a new era in faster, safer and more environmentally friendly Polar travel. The most sustainable vehicle
ever to travel to the South Pole

Styled by UK transport design consultancy Ian Nisbett Design Ltd (IND), the Polar Vehicle will not only provide a more environmentally friendly solution for Antarctic travel, it will also begin to define a new era in faster and more flexible Polar travel.

Our Polar Vehicle has several benefits over vehicles currently used in Antarctica:

More fuel efficient, smaller carbon footprint using Bio-Fuel
Greater range of travel in a self-contained environment
Greater crevasse protection compared with snowmobiles
All weather capability along known routes, makes planning much easier
Cheaper option for travel which will open up new science projects"

They started on the 12th and on the 13th snapped a front wishbone so now theyre waiting for a replacement part so they can start the record attempt. Pretty cool stuff. A little too cold for my tastes...

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I think I need a bigger truck!
Pretty kool indeed... reminds me of the Tundra Bus from the ice fields. Will be interesting to see how these make out.


Needs more armor all!!


Just here...
So there are polar vehicle stylists now? :coffeedrink:
From what Ive seen, most trucks are more for style and the sake of having gear than for function and use :smiley_drive:

Id like to see how quickly they can make the trip once they get the wishbone sorted.