Workshop / Service Manual for an Isuzu NPS


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I have a 2010 Isuzu NPS. I was at the local Isuzu dealers last week picking up some parts and I asked about the price of a genuine workshop manual. I was told they were unavailable and that I should buy an aftermarket manual. (Gregory’s or Haynes) I did a search in the web and can’t find anyone selling a manual.

I found a recent post on EE saying the genuine manual was available on CD for about $400.

Is anyone aware if a manual, genuine or aftermarket is available?

Where would I buy one from?
Yes sad tidings no joy there the manual is only available on CD and at $ 400 plus from memory from the dealer only I brought mine while I had the work shop and put it on the lap top before we went away as the wife took it to download photos on to .Sorry we won't be up north this side of Christmas other wise I give you a copy regards . Ross


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Thanks Spanna 53. Do you think they sold it to you because you had the workshop? Maybe I need to ask again but from what they said it was like I couldn’t but the manual in any form?


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Thanks JavaJoe79.

Last time I looked on eBay I only found manuals for older models but with a bit more effort I’ve turned up one for a 2010 model.