Wood floor install?


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When installing a vinyl wood plank floor in RV used off-road, is it best to have a free floating floor or one glued down? Aloso what is best sound proof/insulation barrier under floor or is it not needed?



Vinyl wood planks can float free with caulk around the perimeter to keep dirt from getting underneath. Vinyl sheet goods should be glued. Linoleum tile or sheet material is also an option. How is your rv floor constructed? that will determine what to do for insulation, is it a 4 season rv?


I'm planning on floating marine ply with a caulked perimeter, grooves for in floor hydronic heat then a layer something nice looking. Haven't decided what yet.


I Just but down 3/8 wood plywood over 1/2 fiber insulation and screwed ply wood in places to glued down composite blocks in the shallows of the rib steel floor and taped the coin flooring to it.
Worked out good



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My floors are all floating except right near the entry stairs I use some adhesive since I knew it would be a high traffic area.


I used Henry’s 647 Adhesive on my vinyl plank flooring. It’s a roll on product that remains tacky and allows the floor and substrate to expand and contract. i was worried about the floor bouncing while driving on bumpy road surfaces. So far no problems after 6 months of use.

Vinyl plank was cut and laid out before applying adhesive. Adhesive was applied to half the floor area, followed by vinyl plank, then applied adhesive to the rest of the floor and finished the plank install. After the plank was laid, I caulked the edges as mentioned on an earlier post.
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