Winter Fun and CB


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Well my run had a listed cb channel 15, and a listed ham freq, 146.535. Never heard a peep on the cb. All comms were on ham. Simplex. Even if you don't want to take the test its time to pick up a baofeng (or other handheld) just so you can listen. They were even having a license test just before dinner. We had Jeep flop on its side. Good comms made it a fast and easy rescue.

Comanche Scott

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Yeah different groups have different requirements. I keep a CB and a Ham radio in the vehicle.
At EJS back in '14 the trail leader & his wife, for Top of the World trail run, burned up the airwaves with their CB, telling us the history of the area.
Man, they were so knowledgeable, and fun to listen to. Made a great trail ride a totally awesome day.
They could have used soup cans and string, and I'd have poured out the Progresso, just to listen in. :)

No matter how we slice it, trail comms are cool. :victory:

I recently put a ham radio in the truck that does digital. Whoa, that is some very clean and clear Tx. :)
Makes me wonder why CB hasn't gone digital.

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