Windows 10 Maps-Pro for Tablets works with Turn-by-Turn and GPX


I posted this in the hardware side but thought I'd share it here as well.
I've been working on setting up a Surface Pro 2017 as my overall Nav/Video/Music etc system, capable of daily use as well as offline/off road.
I've downloaded multiple programs; TwoNav Land, Windows NavigatorGPS, Windows Maps, MapFactor, and tried Google Maps Pro none of which seemed to work either with my GlobalSat BU 353-SE USB satellite receiver, or wouldn't open GPX maps, or only read GPX files, but couldn't do TbT for daily driving....

So, yesterday I ran into a link for Windows 10 MapsPro that someone had posted....
$4.99 for the registered version, $9.99 for the US maps package.
It connected with my GlobalSat USB satellite receiver instantly.
It followed me flawlessly this morning (using my Droid for a hotspot until I download the offline maps)
It is capable of TbT directions
It can open GPX files as overlays!!!
You can load it on up to 10 windows devices.

I think we have a winner!

Purchase on Microsoft Store:
User feedback:
You pay for the app and then you have to pay to download maps??? $15 total?? Looks more city navigation oriented. What about topo maps??
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This sounds like great news other than being Win10. I guess I need to embrace the "always need the latest tech".
Windows based is the only tablet that can also be used as a monitor for cameras/video input, while running maps side-by-side... I looked at Samsung, iPads etc. Only down side of the Surface is no built in GPS so an external is required.


successfully running mapspro on an old dell venue 8 pro tablet on windows 10 (which supports usb GPS input). downloaded maps to card, bought a dell dongle that supports 2 things using the single micro usb port (external usb GPS antennae and charging). I use my phone as hotspot for online TBT (with google maps data thru maps pro) and the downloaded vector maps for offline driving. Still playing with it but successfully loaded a gpx of the rubicon, including defined waypoints. Offline vector maps don't show street names but good for locating position against trail. Online TBT instructions not always accurate on distance to turn {"ie - in 600 yards turn left") but maybe that's GPX puck accuracy? Not sure. EDIT - street names on offline vector maps DO show, depending on zoom level
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TBT? Never mind my mind kicked into gear Turn by Turn

I have all my favorites stared in Google Maps. Can I import them into Maps Pro?
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I think since my starred favorites in Google Maps should show up Google Earth that it might be possible to export them in some sort of file. I have my favorite backcountry roads marked so I don't have to go searching for them.