Window Tint


aloha everyone,
once again its about to get ass hot here in PHX. i was wondering what tints everyone is using to block heat build up in your vehicles. im not looking for dark/blackout tint, just keeping the heat out so my two monkeys dont cook in their carseats while the ac is cooling down the vehicle.


Mine came with darkened windows per PO. I removed the covering from the driver and passenger windows so I could see at night. I don't see any appreciable reduction in heat gain but I only have my friends LR to compare. I leave the roof opened a tad to let the heat escape, as I have a FR roof rack no one is going in through that opening. May be that the RR had some shading advantage but it is a dark silver vehicle and I am sure that where ever it is left in the sun it will gather heat. Can't imagine PHX temps though even if it does get a bit warm in Denver.
We put a silvered covering on our house windows that might work for a vehicle and there is no loss of vision looking out day or night, only changes the vision looking in to the house.