Winch turns one way only


I bought a warrior winch 9500sd and had it mounted to my Nissan Frontier for 3 years. Then one winter it stopped working. I had the motor rebuilt this winter by a starter motor guy. I have installed the winch onto my Jeep and I can get it to only run in one direction, counter clockwise when looking at it from the motor end. When I switch directions I get a click in the new Contactor but no movement.

Is this motor toast or could it be a wiring issue I messed up?


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These are simple 12V systems. Get a diagram and test light or, bettre yet, a meter, check power to the switch, power from the switch to solenoid, check the solenoid contacts, check solenoid to motor. Be methodical and it'll become obvious where the issue is.
With that said, I once had a toggle switch that showed to be good with a test light but was not letting enough current through to acivate the coil in one of the solenoids. In that case a meter finally pointed me to the switch.


Its hard to speculate its problem. But there is crap little to go wrong. Check its motor is easy enough with battery and jumper cables. Or since counter clockwise works. At the motor reverse its field winding connections and try it.
If then it turns clockwise, you know its a solenoid problem.

Assuming nothing about solenoids was disturbed after the winch quit or maybe a wiring broken off. Pretty much narrows it down to the clockwise solenoids. Which only one of them not working will prevent the winch running.
Which btw, a solenoid may ’click’ but a bad internal contact prevent it passing current.


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There you go!
This forum is great for trouble shooting. So much institutional knowledge and willingness to share the same.