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Thanks. Going forward is the way I must go and what the truck is for. I have had good luck for many years giving nice stock trucks heavy offroad use without much harm done. I have had times where a winch on the back would have helped but generally, I need it on the front. I could end up going with a receiver mounted winch with a place to lock it in under the toolbox, but I don't really want to lug around 100lbs in a mudhole, either.

I was thinking that would work. I am going to look at that. I have the stock MTs on it now, but MTs have never really been an option on my work trucks as they don't wear well at 700-800 miles a week with maybe 30-50 offroad. The kind of mud holes I am speaking of usually require 4H and speed.
I have been stuck only 2x in the last 2 years, maybe total of 10 in the last 20, but carrying around a winch is like carrying around a spare tire: indispensable when you suddenly need it.

I really appreciate the thoughtful feedback, but if I am going in it is necessary and the best way in. I have been at this a while and after 30 + years of working off road I couldn't imagine having to pull myself backward through gumbo muck only to then have to turn a 20' truck around a 2nd time in a 10 ft trail.
I would just walk it. But as I age, saving steps is important. Especially since the actual work that follows will involve miles of walking. Also, why I don't want to tote a heavy winch around by hand in a mudhole.

I am likely to fab up a hidden winch mount or wait for the factory stuff to happen. Thanks to all for the input.

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Looks like a fun way to spend a work day! I can't recall if you've mentioned it before. What do you do?

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Could be worse! Though it’s like I always pictured de Soto when he encountered the Mississippi; “We have to build boats again?!”


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There is always the Tirfor option.... incredibly light weight, no need for power, they build winches way beyond yer needs... they work submerged or not.... they work even when the battery is dead.2019041958292993.jpg


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Yep. I know people with 3/4 tons with those on order. It’s my 1/2 ton they don’t have anything for at this time.
On the 1/2 ton thing.... my first job. 1972 was installing winches in forestry and rail road pickups... the standard was the Tulsa Model 5E. A 5000# electric winch.... plenty of power. We are just stupid today.

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Well, as a couple suggested, going the old removable mount for now. Waiting on the Warn VR Evo 10-S to get here. I went with the Bulldog brand mount because it seemed built well and it is going to slide right in the bed channels and under my toolbox where I'll lock it up til it is needed.

I'll decide soon if I build a front receiver or find one already made. E-trailer has one they say fits, but they are the only ones, including the local shops, so I am leery of getting something in that does not fit.

Thanks to all for the input and kicking the ideas around.

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Made a mount for storage using what I had at hand. May improve on it later. Used the factory drain holes to bolt it down.
The ‘feet’ on the carrier are just right to clear and fit in the bed channels and it slides the length of the bed easily.



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Warn lists P/N 107525 as fitting the 2019-2022 Sierra 1500 when I look under the fitment tab on their site. I don't know if it actually works, but the main page for the Gen 3 Trans4mer shows a Sierra 1500 with a full brush guard and winch.


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