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I'm exploring ideas for mounting a winch on the Montero. I'll start by saying I want an ARB, but $$$$, and I've read that a Montero specific ARB may be hard to come across. I know some on here have either modded an ARB or other aftermarket bumpers from another rig to fit the Montero, or modded the Montero to accept a bumper from another rig. I think this is a good option and if I cant find a ARB for a Montero, may be the way I go in the future, but again may be a little out of my budget for now.

In my looking around, I came across this Superwinch winch mount plate

I've found it listed on a few sites as fitting the Montero, and looks like it can be had for around $130- $150. That's a lot easier on the budget.

All that to bring me to my question. Does anyone have any information about, or better yet, experience with the Superwinch mounting plate? Is anybody using one?


No experience with mount plate but a buddy helped me welded up mine.

He had an old hitch off a F-250 laying around the yard. We cut it to fit in between the frame and welded it in place. Now I have a hitch on the front of my truck which comes in handy for moving trailers around.

Then I mounted my winch on a Warn Winch Cradle which slides into the hitch and wired the winch up using a TuffStuff quick connect. I like this setup because I can remove the winch when I want to and could move the winch to rear of truck if power was run to back.

Here's a couple of links:


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I'm working from a phone so positing a pic is tough. pm me a number and i will text photos of both My installs. i think you will like and they are tough and cheap.


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Theres sufficient room to mount the winch down low between the frame rails. You can simply use a section of 3/8-1/2" steel plate welded into place between the frame rails. I'd also re-enforce the front/rear of the plate with a section of 3/8-1/2"x1.5" bar stock so it doesn't deform under load. For electric winches you can mount the solenoids up in the engine bay or on the bumper.

This way the winch is out of the way behind your stock or aftermarket bumper.


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I've installed the Superwinch and Warn winch plates on Montero's between the frame rails, that is the location for the factory winch. Most winches will fit perfectly between the rails, some of the larger winches will need the inner baffle trimmed. You can then mount a fairlead to your stock bumper, just make sure you add an extra plate behind the bumper to spread the load of the fairlead out or you could bend the front part of your bumper a little.
I have also made my own winch plates a bunch of times, if you go this route make sure you put a bend on the front and rear of your plate especially if you're using 1/4" material. Doing this makes it rigid, if your winch plate bends it puts added stress on your winch.


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