Winch bumper for a 2003 Montero sport?

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ARB makes a winch bumper for the generation before the 2003, so.... can I adapt it over to my 2003 with a little welding and cutting? or maybe I should just weld up my own bumper.... not sure..... please advise, many thanks.


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Mitsubishi only sold the first generation of Montero Sport here in the states, ARB still sells the bumper for it. 1997-2004, there was a slight change in 2000 and there may be some slight differences (grill being the main thing) but the frame and fenders are the same. The facelift Sport has a larger grill and it will interfere with the bumper so you'll need to be a little clever but there are a bunch of ways to work around this.


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Revival time👋, and ARB is apparently the only aftermarket option for the Sport models (expensive).
I'm currently working on adapting a Jeep JK bumper to my Sport. Fabrication of the mounts is the biggest hurdle. I've seen several people do this with good results, but without access to a welder I'm kinda stuck in limbo for the moment.
Anyone with a strong design willing to share would be great,, or simple details.
This is what's going on, eventually. 20210109_125836.jpg
Cheers 🍻, G.


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One option I've seen others use to design either an entirely original bumper, or just adapter plates to modify an existing one, as you linked, is using something like SketchUp,

Once you're happy with it, print it all out and create a cardboard mock up to verify fitment.

If there are no local laser/water jet outfits, you can upload the files to an outfit like Send Cut Send,

Once your pieces arrive, it's not too difficult to either rent, borrow, or even buy a basic 110v mig to tack it all together before bringing it to someone with more experience or equipment to fully weld it together for you.


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There are litanies of tutorials on youtube showing you how to use SketchUp, it's no that tricky to pick up.

If you really want to start designing stuff, Fusion 360 offers free subscriptions for hobbyists. It has a bit steeper learning curve, but there are also near limitless free guides and it's more powerful/capable.

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