Winch Bumper for 1997 R50


ARB makes a good one, but stay away from TAG, ot tactical armour group, I have seen more issues come out of that shop than quality peices. You have to question a company that keeps changing there name to avoid bad press.


Other than the poorly-recommended TAG bumper, there aren't any winch bumpers for the 96-00 R50. The ARB sahara bar for the 01-04 R50 (almost $1400) can be adapted to fit. Most other winch bumpers you see on R50s are either built by their owners or are custom one-off builds from a 4x4 fabrication shop. You might get some good advice from folks over at

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The XJ rough country bumper can be adapted, but it's about 2 inches narrower than the Pathfinder's front width from corner light to corner light.


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Winch Bumper Woes

Looks like it's time to dust off the welder and torch and try to make one myself. I'd love to have the ARB or a TMJ, even a TAG but looks as though the options are extinct for the R50. I'd like to see where the mounting points and any bracing/other attachment locations should be but I guess I will figure that out as the design/build comes to be. Any input would be appreciated. Diagrams or pictures even more. Thanks to all who replied.