Willing to help a team/privateer on the 2018 Dakar


Hi I am Carts (that’s my EP user name)

One of my dreams from a young age was to take part in the Dakar rally. As I have grown older I have changed the dream from being a driver to just experiencing it.
Well I am ready to live the dream!!

My wife and I have built/converted a 6x6 ex-army Land Rover into an overlanding vehicle. It’s not quite finished but we will have it complete by November 2016. We have logged a lot of the build here on EP see (http://bit.ly/1T0HW2K).

Our plan is to ship the vehicle to South America in November 2017 and be ready to follow the 2018 Dakar. What we would like to do if we can make it work is help a privateer or small team out who are participating in the Dakar. We are open to the how and what, I was a mechanic many years ago, currently I am an engineer and am willing to do motorcycle maintainer coarse or other as would work for the team. With a year and half to prepare a lot can be achieved.

With our 6x6 we can help with tools or other things, we have built our vehicle to a high standard as is required by Australian law so we do not believe making it suitable for being a support vehicle for the Dakar will be to troubling.

We will pay all of our fees and such to get to South America, we are going any way, and we are going to follow the Dakar. If additional cost is required to be a support vehicle then the best way of doing that can be negotiated.

With this post I am looking for those who may be interested in our help. Conversations entered into in absolute good faith.
Geoff Carter from Perth WA Australia


Wow! That's gonna be awesome for some privateer. I'm sure you'll get some response. Two years out is a bit far but by next year your phone will likely ring off the hook - I could be very wrong though.

Hopefully you'll blog about your experience. It would be a great experience to follow.



I went as a crew member on a bike team in 2012. Expensive as heck but worth every penny. Its been a while but each crew was about 10k us and a support vehicle was another 10k or so....not to dampen the dream just letting you know what your up for.

Wrote a book about my experience...


Hope you make it there, its two weeks of pure awesome


Thanks will have a look at your book. The wife and I will follow the Dakar irrespective in our 6x6, if some one wants help then we can talk with them if not then we get to watch the race.