Wildlife Photography


Thanks grogie! Lots of covered bridges in west central Indiana, that's for sure. I like them best when they're snow covered.
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Love the Armadillo #2 never saw one of those haha beautiful creature.
They are cool critters and fun to watch with the way they kind of waddle around with their round bodies. They can't see very well so frequently you can stalk up pretty close to them before they notice you. When they do they will jump up in the air and then scurry off to find a place to hide.


Forking Icehole
Headed out to my favorite canyon yesterday and found this little guy sunning himself on the pavement, had to shoo him away so no sissy-mary would run him over on purpose!


Got to the canyon and this lovely bird was keeping and eye on us with no fear at all, stayed there the whole time we were in the area!

Great Horned Owl.jpeg


Wow! Those are awesome shots. I wish I could take pictures of wild animals also but I don't feel comfortable seeing them in a closer distance.