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Just returned from a winter run to Yellowstone and the Lamar Valley looking for wolves, coyotes, bison, bighorns and pronghorns. With the warmer weather there recently, we saw lots more critters than on previous trips to Yellowstone, fabulous trip.

Bighorn sheep

Bull elk in snowfall

Quick, how many mulies do you see?

Wolves at 400 yards

Coyote at 2 yards

We had a great time and I highly recommend Yellowstone in the winter for wildlife viewing. Dress warmly, though.

We also saw this Pinzgauer in Gardiner - belong to any of you guys??

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This thread seems to be slow lately??

I returned home from Yellowstone and left a short time later for Sitka, Alaska, to photograph eagles, orcas and whales aboard the MV Northern Song. I had mostly poor weather, consisting of cold rain or drizzle, or snow and ice, and gale winds, with seas up to 23 feet. But there were a couple days of flatter water that allowed some image captures.

A couple eagle images I like

Some orcas

And a breaching humpy

Nobody claimed the Pinzgauer?


I caught this one a few weeks ago while out on a walk. I was trying out a new day pack and it must have been good luck. Note the partially eaten fish in the talons.

Hoping some amateur photos are ok in this thread? I jumped around a few pages and only see some professional level stuff! I'm just learning, so I'm quite happy to get some critiques on my photos...



A couple years ago in the Tetons we ran across this beautiful grizzly bear. My wife, son and I watched it for the better part of an hour as it grazed in intermittent light rain. We've seen a lot of grizzlies in the wild but this was still a pretty incredible experience.

Grizzly Bear 760 in Teton Meadow.jpg

Colin Hughes

Haven't really ever posted here as the photos shown are always so amazing and well beyond my abilities as of yet. However, I did get this shot while in Algonquin Park this past Saturday. The fellow was nice enough to look my way and stay there while I fired off a few shots.moose.jpg