wild coast tent floor issues



wondering if anyone has come across a similar issue. i have a wild coast tents big sky. ive had it about 3 years now so out of warranty. the floor keeps popping out when getting in and out and when sleeping in the tent overnight. i can go underneath and pop it back into the track but it just pops back out again.

anyone have any ideas how to fix this?


i have a hard time closing this thing up. the ratchet straps going over the cover have frayed so im going to replace those which is no big deal. my issue is when folding the tent up and tryng to get the cover zipped on you have to have one person sit on top of the tent while another person runs around the truck zipping it up.

my wife is only 5'2" so stuggles to help and when camping in the rain sitting on the top sucks.

we dont keep any bedding inside just the factory mattress and a small 2" mattress topper. just curious to see anyones fixes for these issues.




If I had a similar issue the first thing I would be looking at is the alignment and tightness of the side hinges, then the straps going over the frame to the floor.

Does the tent open “flat” on its own, or does it need weight on the ladder side to engage the hinge?

It is really hard to diagnose these things without being there in person.

And... I’m jealous of anyone with a garage that big...

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Adventurer, eh?
We throw a strap from the ladder to the rim of the trailer. It help with that and also we had experience with a storm (that had spawned a tornado earlier) wanting to close the RTT on my girlfriend, while she on the overhanging half, and shes not petite. Fixes both issues, but I really like XJOs fix!