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I'm sorry to hear about your injury and the challenges you're facing in finding a hiking boot in your size. It's understandable that you're looking for a boot with good ankle support to help you get back into hiking and manage your back pain. Firstly, congratulations on your determination to get out more and improve your health! That's a great step forward, and I hope you find a suitable hiking boot that will help you achieve your goals. As for finding a hiking boot in size 11 4E wide, have you tried looking at specialty stores that cater to people with wide feet or specific medical needs? Some examples include Zappos outdoor profy, The Walking Company, and REI. These stores often carry a wider range of sizes and widths, and may have options for hiking boots with extra-wide widths and good ankle support. Another option is to consider custom-made orthotics or inserts for your hiking boots. This may allow you to choose a hiking boot that fits well and provides adequate ankle support, while also adding extra cushioning and support for your specific foot and ankle needs. Lastly, it may be worth consulting with a podiatrist or orthopedic specialist to get their advice on finding a suitable hiking boot and managing your back pain while hiking. They may have recommendations for specific brands or styles that would work well for your foot and ankle structure, and may also be able to offer exercises or other treatments to help manage your back pain while hiking. Good luck with your search for a hiking boot, and I hope you're able to find one that fits well and supports your goals of getting out and exploring more!


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Trying to get out more after my neck and back surgery. I didn’t leave the house and lived in a darkened room for over a year due to a closed head injury caused by a fall. I gained a lot of weight and now am going to try and hike and hopefully will lose weight to help with the pain in my back. My issue is I can’t seem to find a hiking boot in a size 11 4E wide. Widest I’ve found is 2E. Need a boot for ankle support. Thank you. Sorry for the long post.
Try a Merrell soft hiking shoe and use ankle supports or wrap up with an Ace. See the doctor.

Then, there are always these, the best boots made.

Corcoran Jump Boots!

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