Why use a RTT?


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These bottles work great.

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He he, I just bought a six pack of the short bottles too for camping.
I like that stuff, it actually tastes pretty good.

I made some on a Sunday at home a few weeks ago with the taller bottle, and I ended up cooking the rest and taking them to work the next day.
They do not taste the same once you nuke them.

As far as going, I picked up a new portapotty after my last trip, I could actually put it in the rtt, and the girl friend and I would not have to climb down the ladder at night.
Would never attempt that with the PETT toilet we had, but we got a good Thetford that sits flat, so it could work...


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Before I start, I should say that I also own a Tepui 3 person roof tent. So i'm not completely biased.

Below is my current sleeping setup that I find better than my Tepui for me, my wife and my two kids that are 4 years and 1 year (lots of grey hairs coming in these days)

-arb 2500 awning with arb awning room (8 feet by wide by 8 feet long and about 6'5'' tall)
-coleman queen size air mattress
-cots for the kids

The pros to the arb awning tent set up is:
-PRICE. my awning and room combo was just under 400 dollars retail. the mattress was about 70 dollars and 2 kid cots were 50 dollars total. My Tepui rtt was 1400 before tax.
-light weight ( the awning, room and bedding is significantly less than a rtt). we also do somewhat harder trails and I've noticed a huge difference when the roof tent is on. the truck feels less stable.
-doesn't kill your roof clearance or mpg (we garage our rig, and some trails have low branches that could catch the roof tent)
-easy to set up solo
-doubles as shade/protection during hot or rainy days
-its rated to cook in as well (lots of windows)

The roof tent still has some pros over the awning room, though. For instance, you cant level out the awning room like you can with your truck. We've spent a couple nights on a mild slope that was a bit annoying when sleeping. with our tepui, I could level it out with our recovery boards and be nice and level.

lastly, we enjoy the extra cargo space for whatever. with the tent removed off the roof and the awning attached to the side for our sleeping setup, it leaves my roof open for a cargo box, kayak, etc...
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I went thru the same thought process of RTT versus ground tent. Pros and Cons either way
I wound up with this, which has it's own set of pros and cons




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There's nothing better than being king of all you survey, which includes all those in ground tents. I also agree we get a better, more comfortable night sleep. The RTT was great for my wife and I for years until we aged to the point of a guaranteed mid-night pee break or two. Her minor bitching about climbing down a ladder that is outside became a banshee shriek over time. Solution? A pop top camper with a loo downstairs. Still have the ladder, but she can do it naked without scaring the neighbors. Problem solved!


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Way more comfortable, 1 min set up ( bag and pillows are already set up), 5 min take down, makes it easy to drive to hike or whatever. And if you know where to look, you can get them new for 1000 to 1500. This one was 1500 delivered NEW.

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Oz cot tent is a perfect compromise for solo camping. In poor weather, I’ll place it under my Alucab shadow awning.

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Wet sand is the reason that we now own an RTT.

We we took our sailboat to a race in Michigan a few years ago and the venue had campsites on the beach. The first day got rained out, which resulted and in a very unpleasant night in a ground tent.

I really struggled with deciding between the RTT or a Cap. I chose the RTT because it wouldn’t require unloading all of our gear before going to bed.


Oz cot tent is a perfect compromise for solo camping. In poor weather, I’ll place it under my Alucab shadow awning.

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This is probably what I will use for light/fast/solo trips... the rv5 is awesome but huge, the rtt is on the horizon trailer and for solo stuff I don’t take it.

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