Why Travel With a Land Rover!?


I drive a Land rover because it does put a smile on my face when I am driving it and it just gives a feel of Adventure its almost like going to a very nice destination you can feel the excitement coming before you arrive. I also like the Sturdy build of the Land rover sure there are other 4x4's that are comparable in terms but they lack the true nature of the excitement at least to me. Now I'll admit my Land rover is not built for "overlanding" its more of a Drivable "Rock crawler" :D:eek: but even on that it just always feels like its meant to take me somewhere that others can't.


Fair enough, but they are also a box. Small boxes also fit nicely into bigger boxes. Initially its a head scratching thing if your familiar to other marcs. No curves in a defender, just flat or vertical space. You sit up in a defender, not slob like others makes. The seating position is different and take a bit to get used to, but once you do the only time they become uncomfortable is when your slobing. You can hose them out, no carpets in a defender' so a bit of dirt, spilt milk or even vomit is no big deal. Coils, the ride of a Landy is hard to copy. You will not get IFS and leaf packs fighting with each other on a Defender. Slow, perhaps, or maybe just built to enjoy the journey. After all the the tortoise wins the race. Generally you just need to be kept it in good mechanical order. They will not cope with neglect and little love like a Jap car. It's perhaps why one forms a weird bond usually with their landy.

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Because you can! With all kidding aside, there is just something that the "Land Rover" has that simply the "Toyota" just doesn't. I believe that they all have their own personality, or is it really the owners' that is coming out through the vehicle: :sombrero:

Edit: I guess I just don't have a personality? :(


They are exceptional. Sure they have some issues, but they also have soul and just feel different from other marques. I have also met some incredible people with the 'rover bug' through my adventures. Life is too short to drive pedestrian vehicles.



This is the most positive response I have had from this article. A lot of Toyota Vs Land Rover debate come up.

For me Land Rover has some X Factor which just makes you smile for miles

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Why drive Land Rover?

Because Awesome.


(The price for awesome is money, time, and oil everywhere, I have no regrets)