Why Is It...


That motorcycles don't have heated seats as standard equipment? Maybe they do, on touring bikes, etc, but you'd think all of them would by now.

I'd like one on the GS because my butt is getting a bit chilled.:snorkel:


I've never had a cold butt, usually too bundled up when riding in the cold. Now hot ***, every time it's not cold.


I have wondered about the same thing

I had a 2005 Yamaha Royal Star Venture and it came with Cruise control. Then I look at a 2013 Tenere and it does not have it even as an accessory. My 2013 Victory has heated seats for driver and rider with separate controls and heated grips (all with low and high). All of this came stock with the bike.

So if the technology is out there why is it not on the adventure bikes. It can't be because they want to keep the price down as they are already high priced. The manufacturers seem to be catching on but it is taking a while.