Why don't they sell the VW California in California (or the rest of the U.S.)?


The base price is $64,000 USD....that is crazy.
You can get a Mercedes Sprinter at the RV shows for slightly more. No bathroom or shower. Most that can afford these would look at different more capable options.
Also VW hasn't been known for being extremely reliable for many years.
Great Fuel Mileage but it is built for Midgets.
Hopefully it can tow a pair of jetskis but these aren't built for Americans.

You could import one 25 years old or older from Europe but I hope you know a good European car mechanic.

For the same money I would import a 4x4 Hi-Ace Toyota RV.



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Note that the fuel economy in that article is in miles per imperial gallons and not US gallons - so the 42 MPG is actually 35 MPG in US gallons - still good but not as high as the (misleading) claims in the article.

How do US based automotive writers keep making this same error in articles? Seems like since he drove the vehicle for a week he would notice the difference - or, perhaps, since the fuel is being paid for they just don't care enough to check what the actual economy numbers are???


I was just in Iceland and saw an early 90s VW van with the california sticker. Looked like an interesting trim package at the least.

from wikipedia:
"The name "California" was previously used by Volkswagen for the Westfalia-built campervans since 1988. "