Who makes the best rims?


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New Wrangler Rubicons are fortunate to have a Mopar or AEV wheel option engineered specifically for it IMO. Both offer std. rim or beadlock designs with offsets that keep tires mostly under fenders and in scrub radius spec's. They also utilize the factory lug nuts without the need for narrow wall after market lug nuts and thin sockets.
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AEV JL Pintler 8.5 wide wheel with 12.5 wide tire.
I have run 4 sets of AEV rims 2 sets of Saltas, 1 set each of Savgres and Pintlers. Funny thing is AEV used to say hub centric was the end all and then at some point the pintlers went away from being hub centric and then it was no longer that important. the funny thing is AEV did not even now when they stopped being hub centric something happened in the manufacturing process. As far as scrub radius that changed too when AEV came out with the Borah which incidentally is the only JK wheel they still claim is hub centric. I still think the Saltas are the best looking jeep wheel but finish has been not great on my two sets of Saltas. Still love them tho.


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The Quadratec Hardrock wheels are hub centric and also have the same backspace/offset as the Pintler and Salta. Lighter weight too.

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I d go forged before cast. If it has to be cast, either vacuum cast or low pressure cast. Anything cast is from china now a days. There are some decent cast wheels, i still have some procomp 1026 race beadlocks waiting for a vehicle.

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