Who has the oldest, still working 12 volt fridge/freezer?


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I have a Norcold DE 251-D that came with my Grandby. Manufacturing sticker on the back says 1982.
I have no idea of its history; I've had the camper for 6 years and run it about 10 -12 weeks a year.


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Bought my Waeco CF-51 in 2005 and it keeps on keeping on. I've replaced the goofy lid clasp mechanism a few times...and need to do it again now. But other than that the CF-51 has paid dividends and taken a tough pounding over the past 15-years.

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I have an Edgestar FP430 that's about 10 years old. It's bounced around a LOT in my ownership and still runs fine. Just got a larger fridge, but the Edgestar has been too good to me to get rid of it.


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I bought my Trailblazer in 1987. Its covered a lot of Australian roads and tropics in that time. Their Australian made .