Who Has Scheel-Mann seats??


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I've been researching these seats. I really need to find someone who makes the seat tracks for my vehicle. You would figure Suburban/Avalanche stuff would be more popular.

Wedge Brackets in Utah makes affordable adapters for many different vehicles

Yes, they do have ALMOST every vehicle made......

Just not a 2002 or the Suburban/Avalanche of that generation. They said that they actually need my vehicle or a similar vehicle there to measure for the seat brackets. If anyone here from Utah would like to go to their shop, let me know and I'll compensate you. It may be a while before I can get up there.

I think the seats will be worth it.


A seat from another vehicle could beat good option for most people. We swapped to Lariat seats from the same year truck as ours. The extra adjustably has really helped me. I'm in about 20% of what 2 Scheel-mann would cost me.

Oddly enough my buddy put my stock XLT seats in his 01' F350. He and his wife are stoked🤣
These seats might be doable late next year. I just need to do something for seat tracks. My foam in my Chevrolet seats is falling apart.
If there is anyone following this thread who is looking for someone to make seat tracks, I called Wedge and asked since my vehicle isn't listed in their database, would they be willing to measure my truck if I drove it to Utah? They said no, that they are not accepting new vehicles.

I then called Planted, another manufacturer. They said that if I met them at their shop in Washington, they could do it.
So, there you go, that's the latest.

If you're in Northern California, the closest reseller for Scheel-Mann is in Berkley.

If seems like the biggest obstacle to getting these seats are the brackets. Oh, yeah, then there is the money aspect too. I now have $3000 saved for these $6000 seats.
This summer it looks like I’m driving to either Utah or Washington to have seat brackets made for the seats. It looks like I’ll buy them late this summer.
For anyone looking to purchase these seats, the prices have increased. Leather and integrated seatbelts used to be $699 each feature. They are now $999 each.


My neighbor has custom Scheel Mann seats in his MB Sprinter. I sat in them the other day. Better than my F150, but no better than my 2005 XC90 or LR3.

If budget were a concern, I’d track down some Volvo seats and modify the brackets to fit into the existing tracks.
You hit the nail on the head. Most Americans, initially at least, balk at any European seats because they are firm and supportive (I call this good) and not cushy and soft and sloppy like most domestic car seats, worse and worse the older the vehicle.

I remember my first work issued Sprinter. I absolutely loved the firm seats for all day driving and even more so the logical manual controls that no old domestic van offered. All my co-workers hated them because they said they were too hard. These were the same people that thought a Sprinter would flip over because it was tall. I said to many a person in those days "You do realize MB designed this?" I have yet to see a flipped Sprinter almost 20 years later. I've seen them wrecked of course but never flipped from high COG.

I'll never spend the money for Scheel-Mann's probably but I have thought about retro fitting some Sprinter seats in to my domestic van. I'm sure it would still be a great improvement.

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