Who bought the Earth Roamer in Mexico on eBay?

I am curious who was brave enough to buy the Earth Roamer on eBay located in Mexico. It was listed as having no paperwork other than a bill of sale. It apparently was bought back by a private citizen from the Mexican Government who seized it from some unlucky soul. It sold, but I can't imagine anyone from the US being so daring. Does anyone know any further information on it?



You might want to check out the state dept travel warnings. I know its cheap to vacation in mexico but what is your life worth. They were shooting people off of cruise ships awhile back. Do you really want to go there?? Safe travels.
I know its cheap to vacation in mexico but what is your life worth.
I don't think it's the cheapness so much as being able to camp on the beach in winter, with very nice weather.

The odds of being killed are vanishingly small. The odds of having **** stolen (even by the cops) are probably a fair bit higher than in the US. I must admit I had a hard time feeling comfortable in Mexico, but isn't this supposed to be an adventure?


Please share with us the source of this information.
Just google cruise, shootings, resorts, drugs, mexico... You will get more than you will want to read.

I would not feel comfortable there. In my younger days I was all over the world in some very tough spots. But, it was my job. Capt, USAF, 1500 hours of jet time, 58 combat missions. These days I like relaxing vacations and travel with lots to do.and see....just my .02 cents
Tourists, their money, and their foolish behavior attract thieves and drugs and prostitution. So far the only time I've felt uncomfortable, security wise, in Mexico was when I was in super touristy areas like Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Also the highest prices and worst food.

Using basic common sense and staying away from those areas, which are the ones the warnings actually tell you to stay inside of, we had a much more comfortable, friendly, affordable, scenic, and tasty time down there ;-)

Actually felt even more uncomfortable security-wise in New Orleans, and the only attempted robbery in over 2 years of full time travel so far was in San Antonio TX.
As I read things vehicles up to 3 tons can get the trip permits, I'm close to 5.

Any input on what needs to be done for larger rigs? 4 tons dry, about 5 loaded.
Register your vehicle in your state as an RV, once that is on your registration apply for the Mexican 10 year "RV" permit. Your good to go for 10 years, let us know if it works out.