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White Turtle Adventures
Been a while. If you are interested in following the Turtle III I am now on Facebook and Instagram. Easier to update.

White Turtle Adventures

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So this past week I was heading to some doctor's appointments out of town. I had some time and came to a weigh scale. Thought it would be cool to see how much I weighed.

Since the last time, I added a second group 31 battery, moved both batteries to the back in front of the axle and put in a couple LARGE sandbags for the winter. I did pull out the inflatable kayak, minus 30c does not make for easy paddling. Plus I added another counter. Want to weigh those sandbags by themselves.

So last time the weights were...

Front axle - 1590 kg - 3,498 lbs
Rear axle - 1380 kg - 3,036 lbs
Total 2970 kg - 6,534 lbs

This time.....
Front Axle - 1560 kg - 3440 lbs
Rear Axle - 1540 kg - 3396 lbs
Total - 3100 kg - 6835 lbs


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White Turtle Adventures
I needed a way to save on my fuel costs. So I decided to install a nuclear power system in the van. Unlimited power so never need to buy fuel again!!! Don't need solar panels either :rolleyes:

Can just see going through the border when some border guard sees the symbol on the cover :p :p :p :p

Actually it is a cover for the 110v power system. Now I can plug in easier at home or at campgrounds. Also added a larger charger for the two group 31 AGM's on board.