Whirlwind Trip though Big Bend National Park


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At the beginning of last year I had planned to visit Big Bend National Park in Texas to hike and explore the backroads but due to the start of COVID-19 the trip was cancelled. With a watchful eye I kept an eye on when things were going to open back up so I could reschedule the trip. September of last year I was able to make new reservations at the main park campground for the end of February 2021 and kept watching to see if it would be cancelled again or if the trip would be a go. Needless to say if I the trip was cancelled again I wouldn't be posting this up.

Rewind to two weekends ago and I left Colorado behind to explore the park and some of the surrounding area for 2.5 days (there about's). Plans was to spend Thursday night in Las Vegas, New Mexico since I had to work then finish driving down on Friday to parks main ground campground for the next 3 nights then leave Monday morning though the parks West entrance and then start the trip back home. Saturdays plan was to hike to highest point in the park Emory then continue on some of the surrounding trails, Sunday I would spend time on the back roads of Glen Spring, Black Gap, River Road and finishing up on Old Ore Road. Monday's plan was up in the air what I was going to do besides explore the Terlingua area needs to say a couple of side trips made going out the west entrance worth it. Overall the trip consisted of some 15-20 miles of hiking, 90 miles of dirt roads and roughly 1600 miles overall - completely worth it.

Photos (just used my cell phone for this trip)

Saturday - Emory Peak trail

Looking back towards the campground area.

View from the peak - the hike to the peak is fairly easy but to get to the peak you have do some rock scrambling and watching your step. It's not a very big peak.

There was less than a handful of people when I started up the trail but on the way back more and more people had started the trek up the trail. I opted to take the Laguna Meadows trail back instead of the main trail to avoid people and get a different view of the park. Had I had my other pack with me I've explored more of the trails that branch off to other areas.



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Sunday - backroad and mine exploration.

Glen Spring Road

Looking back towards the park

Black Gap Road - the first little shelf drop caught me off guard but overall I didn't find the trail difficult. If it was wet/muddy it be a different story though but I'd still like to see it with flowing water though all the crossings.

This caught me slightly off guard.



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Old Maverik road to the west park entrance.

Long dusty road.

Final stop of the trip was to check out the semi-ghost town of Terlingua, Texas but due to how some of the sites where spread out I spent most of the time wondering around the cemetery.



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I've lived in Texas all of my life and have yet to make it out there. I can be in Colorado in the time it would take me to drive out there, so I always head your direction when I have the time.
Thanks for sharing!

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