Which suspension on my JK for overland use?


OME or AEV will most likely be your best options based on use. I also tow a trailer and the AEV lift holds the weight really well with trailer and the jeep loaded with gear.
Dave, with that 2.5" lift do u notice enough sag in the rear of your jeep with the trailer on that it makes it lower than the front of the jeep?


Sounds like the 10 Anniversary Edition has slightly longer springs by maybe a 1/2" but the X has the same as the Willys...that's just form looking on the Internet. Guess I learned something this morning! Thanks for correcting me
The RubiconX, !0thAE and Hard Rock are all identical spring specification, and roughly .5" taller under a heavier load than stock Rubicon spec with plastic bumpers. That last is very important; they are taller while supporting a bit more weight at the bumper location. If the Willys is identical to one, then it is to all... but the Willys has the lighter bumpers. All considered, I would tend to doubt that it uses the RubiconX springs. Now, I could be wrong about the Willys, so I would get my information personally and directly from a well informed Mopar parts desk and master mechanics, and indeed those are my sources with my Jeep. I too, am making minimal but carefully designed suspension modifications (for ruggedness and payload, not lifted height).

This may help you because a stock RubiconX (or 10thAE) rear spring set might just give you a small but essential lift to compensate for tongue weight, without any general suspension lift or other modifications you say you don't really require. A very high quality custom-wound spring could also do this very effectively and simply. Also, there are 1.5" spring lifts out there from quality vendors, and those rear springs might do the job.

Edit: note that I have actually seen the specs for the RubiconX and 10thAE; I have been told by the same sources that the Hard Rock is the same, but I personally have not seen those specs.

Hope this helps.
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Dave, with that 2.5" lift do u notice enough sag in the rear of your jeep with the trailer on that it makes it lower than the front of the jeep?
The AEV 2.5 has a slight rake with no load. I feel like it sits pretty level with gear and trailer. I'm heading to the Mid Altantic Overland tomorrow morn. I'll try to get you a side shot with gear loaded and trailer attached.


Thanks Dave!

The other models may have different springs I can't say for sure but I do want a bit of a lift. Preferably 2.5"....so the other factory options won't work


I personally run ome heavy rears and still on rk 2.5" front springs which will probably get changed out for ome medium heavys eventually. Rk springs just couldn't take the weight of the jk loaded down. Sagged pretty good with just camping gear and the tent tailet really dropped it to the bump stops.


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Here is a pic of a jeep with the 3.5" AEV and what I think are 33" tires...I like the looks of it.

Well, I will have to agree with you. That does look good. Here is my rig with 3" lift and 35's to compare it against.

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Wow, a lot of AEV fans here. I do not bash them, but there are better options. I prefer MetalCloak myself and loved my old OME springs. Each their own. As long as you are sticking to a top tier manufacturer you should be good to go.

OP, based on what you wrote originally I would encourage you to take a look at a set of Synergy 1" springs. They'll just a little height, will look good with 33's and will handle the weight better than any factory springs.

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OME all the way....!!!

I have ran the 2.5" OME HD kit on my last two JKU's and have loaded them down with no problems... Seems that a lot of people like AEV but I'm not a fan. In my opinion (which doesn't make it true) the OME spring can handle the weight better than AEV. They have light duty which is no added weight, HD which is up to 300lbs or the 600lb constant duty springs. I use the 300lbs springs with a Gobi Rack, ARB Roof Top tent, ARB fridge and all my gear, up to 4 bikes on the back, etc.

Just my 2 cents
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I am running stock springs on my JKU. I have the teraflex leveling kit, Monroe reflex monotube shocks, airlift 1000 airbags in the rear. Without the airbags I never noticed much sag when fully loaded, but did with our 10ft pop up attached. Now with 20 psi in the bags, the jeep does not even know the camper is back there. It sits just as it did without the camper attached. The ride in my jeep is better than stock due to the shocks I am using, they really are that good. I have used many different shocks including Bilstien, rancho, pro comp and a few others and these are by far the best I have used. I have them on all my 4 wheel drive vehicles. I have about 120,000 miles on my current setup besides the airbags. I installed them this spring. I love my jeep, it is perfect for long treks ANYWHERE we want to go.

For overlanding you don't need huge lifts and massive tires. a small 2" lift, 33s, and common sense will get you anywhere you want to go.


For my 2015 4Door Rubicon build I settled on the following... I am running 34X10.5X17 KO2's that measure 33.7 inches tall with 45 pounds of air in the tires and not mounted on jeep. I have AEV bumpers front and rear, and all that other AEV stuff... Genright second fuel tank soon... I got all my stuff through Northridge 4x4. I have used Teraflex stuff before and liked it, except there springs. I basically just pieced together a kit with the components I liked... I will post up a pick when we finish the install... I agree though, for an overland vehicle the single most important thing is dependability, no real kneed for huge tires and a lot of lift... Capacity, Capability, Stability, Dependability, Serviceability=:safari-rig:

Fox ATS steering sta. with high mount
Fox 2.5 inch Remote Res. shocks
2.5 inch OME heavy springs front and rear (300 pound load)
TeraFlex speed bumps on all 4 corners
TeraFlex adjustable lower control arms (outback suspension)
Synergy track bars front and rear with rear bracket
Synergy lower shock mount relocation brackets
limiting straps on all 4 corners
steering flip kit with a raised track bar mount
JE real CV drivelines
why are your springs sagging

I had a problem with sagging springs but it was form ignorance. I had just installed a warn bumper and a winch the bumper alone was 155 lbs but it is a good brand and inexpensive. I did not realize that that weigh would mash my sings down so much ( after this is a rubicon built to take the heavy hits and with the expectation folks will swap out their plastic bumpers for steel and winches is what I thought ) the problem is the bumper and winch just about collapsed my springs I think over time because at first I didn't notice it then one day I did I saw that i had only 1/2 of space between the bumpstops. 1/2 inch of available up travel. so after dealing with that an dlearningthat the rubicon springs arrant designed for those loads. I put on a heavy duty 4 inch lift. OME it works great. got my travel back and was able to fit 315 70 17 kelly Springfield TSR tires on with no issues.

When I las checked the aev springs were not designed for that kind of land but that's a few years back.
so my suggestion is find out why your springs are sagging first then seek the solution and do what works for you and your budget it doesn't matter what some on here thinks of your choice they likely will never see your jeep and it is your jeep.
There are a lot of people on here with good practical experience giving good advice some with not much experience giving some times good and some times bad. some give personnel preferences.. some have solutions to similar issues you have had but in the end it is your jeep & your money