Which mechanical transmission can I put in a Dodge Cummins 3500 diesel, year 1996?


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Hi foxes!
I'm currently exploring central and south americas in a Scotty Serro Highlander 4x4 year 1996.
As you may know, this is a camper built on a Dodge Ram 3500 diesel chassis.
Mine came with the automatic transmission and I'd like to change it for a mechanical one.
My question being the following: do you know which ones would fit apart form the Dodge's one?
I have no access to a Dodge mechanical transmission system here in Ecuador as there are a very few of them.
Would any other truck brand/model be a acceptable/ideal/perfect fit? (I've been suggested a Jeep Cherokee's manual transmission lately)
Thanks for your help.



Maybe check over at DTR/Diesel Truck Resources website.
They have a wealth of knowledge in their Dodge section.


I don't think you will have much finding anything that will work. The recommended swap is the G-56 that came in dodge trucks from 2004-to 2018, it's actually a mercedes benz transmission I think so It might be found in other applications. I would seriously look at using this transmission if you can find a way to get it shipped or locate one. If you can not use this transmission I think switching to something else would be more work than it is worth. I would look into doing a full rebuild of your automatic but with heavy duty parts. The automatic in the dodges is pretty nice once they are built right. Maybe it's possible to get the parts shipped to do a rebuild.

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Ford stuff might be easier to find down there, just a guess
ZF6 is a great transmission. Relatively easy swap if you keep ford Tcase.
Lots of companies making engine adapters now
Converted a auto to G-56. It is pretty straight forward using factory dodge parts. The easiest way is find a donor vehicle and rob it for parts. You will need to shorten your front driveshaft and install a pedal assembly. change the input shat in the transfer case. you will need a new flywheel clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder. You will need a stout clutch. I suggest a south bend single clutch plate system.
Keep in mind that none of these parts come cheap and unless you really have your heart set on a manual trans its way more cost effective to get your existing transmission rebuilt.

Just my two cents tho.
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