Which EV would you buy?


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5 minute recharge or aluminum exchangeable batteries is what it's going to take for the everyday user. The range plummets going uphill with A/C on and four occupants.


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Yeah Plug-In Hybrids are kinda best of both worlds if your wanting an EV now w/out Range Anxiety, they are also really nice in the mountains.. that regen braking is great coming down a mountain.. you can ride that left pedal all the way down and never actually engage the physical brakes... with it you should drive down a mountain like a dumb flatlander and makeup for some of the capacity you lost going up the other side.. A Normal 4cyl in low gear would still require intermittent use of physical brakes.
This, so much this. Went from Denver to Mt. Evans in the S using 32.7 kWh at the summit. When we got back to downtown Denver total round trip used was 31.5 kWh. Like putting "gas" back in the tank while driving.
Similar scenario at Pikes Peak. At the mid descent brake temp check they were cooler than the ambient air since we never had to touch them. Meanwhile ICE's coming down with red hot smoking brakes.


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I love the brake check station on pikes peak, gets all the minivans and everyone off the road infront of me and the rest of the way down I can pretend I'm doing the hill climb in reverse... but I know how to descend a mountain unlike all the tourists traveling that road.

Worst I've had was Teton Pass with a rental trailer that I didint figure out the brakes were shot on til I got to the mountains.. pedal was a lil mushy after coming down that 10% grade in heavy post-eclipse traffic... we stopped in Jackson Hole for an hour just to let em cool down.


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I pretty much agree that pure electric is probably not practical for what you described. The issue is really charge times, range is similar to ICE. The Rivian PU will have space for an extra battery that your can rent or buy, supposedly. If you can plug in at the ski resort, work, home and don't travel more than a few hundred miles then you really are checking a lot of boxes. If you change your behavior and plan on getting groceries at places along the way woth fast chargers or spend some time in the last town before hitting the trail. You can passively refuel with electric so just plan your down time accordingly and keep it topped off when you can. Or just get an f150 hybrid and let some other sucker take the lumps figuring out the pure EV thing for the next few years.


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Would not take all that many remote solar charging stations to bust a lot of the backcountry wide open. All it takes is a stroke of a pen from one agency or another. In that sense you could almost flip remote on its head because no entity is ever going to put remote petrol stations in National Parks or remote BLM lands but I think it would not really be that hard to do solar with government backing.

I can picture EVs not needing permits for places like Moab Rim or the Canyonlands just show up to your guaranteed spot and Gov or private/public backed charging site. Even just 20-30 chargers scattered around the backcountry would make a gigantic impact in feasibility.

Rivian could also probably change the face of remote EV travel just by themselves if they wanted to and only have to invest in a tiny fraction of locations relative to Tesla and their 7600 locations.


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Bought the 2016 ford Fusion Energi because we couldn’t wait any longer for the T3. My mom has a T3 top trim with single motor. Honestly having driven the T3 a bunch and the Fusion.

I would buy the Ford Mach e over the Tesla.
Here is why
Ford does interior design way better
Ford does user controls better
Ford does suspension better
Ford has far more service locations

The T3 tactile controls are basically zero its a pain in the ******** to adjust HVAC and other systems with a non tactile flat screen via multiple menus. You basically have your passenger do it for you or wait till your stopped so you can go digging for the right menu choice. Yeah they use verbal commands but its meh and can be highly infuriating.
Ford still put wiper controls where you can touch them to turn them on, they still use knobs to set hvac temps etc.

The seats Ford has been using are really good hell you even get door pockets for sun block tubes, and grocery bags. Tesla you don’t even have a place to put your sun glasses let alone a water bottle. The tesla seat is flat and shapeless with material that reminds me of that doctors exam table plastic that Toyota uses in the Prius.

I like Tesla but seriously the Mach e will be a better vehicle.
For adventure vehicle? Get the plugin F150. Easy decision.
Again I couldn’t wait that long so bought a 2019 Expedition. I wanted a plugin hybrid Expedition


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Same as stopping into a filling station. You hook up,get into your vehicle and five minutes later your good to go for 400 miles. That's what's needed for the working stiff. That or exchangeable aluminum batteries which hopefully,will continue to progress. Battery technology is the only thing holding them back.


EV / PHEV - own? ie: keep it for more than 3 years? no, not now, technology is too rapidly advancing. Currently has the cell phone model, darned near so different in 3 years you can wait to get a new one, but unlike a cell phone that costs $400+ the EV costs $40K+. I lease a 2018 Outlander PHEV for those not browsing signatures.


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If I were in the market, I'd be waiting for the electric F150 or Hummer due to the dealer network for servicing.
This would be my bet. I would absolutely drive an electric F150. Even if it wasn't nearly as capable offroad or had diminished bed space due to battery placement. As long as it had a 400 to 600 mile range that would be more than enough. I mean my truck when filled estimates about 425 til empty and I've never ever seen that as a problem.

That being said I just put a deposit down on a Model 3 Long Range, so I am jumping onto this EV bandwagon. I'm incredibly excited and this will also be my first foray into a regular car as well.
Saw a Y ford the Freemont river a couple weeks ago, they were headed out to the Cathedral Valley Loop. I was fishing and they just appeared, drove through like it was just a regular Tuesday.

There are a lot of naysayers that show up here just to talk **********, who have never driven an EV let alone owned one. It's the inter webs, go figure. Rivian is the real deal, saw the truck at OEX in Flagstaff a couple years ago. It's slightly smaller than an F150 and a a bit bigger than a Tacoma, in my opinion the perfect size. They are a legit company and the production line is going in as we speak. It's not going to happen tomorrow for sure, but its coming. I've been driving EVs as daily drivers for six years now, my current car can take me anywhere in North America on a paved road.